Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Unbelievable for a lot of reasons..some good..some not.
Firstly, I still can't believe that I am being published!! LOL
Secondly, I can't believe the feral that threw a full orange juice bottle at my car this morning. I sincerely hope he fails a breath test or something today!! (Isn't that nasty??)
Third..and probably the most unbelievable to me at the moment is my middle brother and his antics at the moment. It really shouldn't surprised me 'cos believe me..I have seen and heard everything after being the sister of these 3 boys for the past 38 years.
Yesterday after picking all the kids up from school and having to rush to 3 different sporting trainings for 3 different sports..there he is..plain as day..wandering around my front yard. No shirt, no shoes..and a big cotton wool ball stuck down with bandaids across his hand. Number 2!! Obviously just released from the hospital which is *conveniently* just around the corner from my house. For what reason? Probably the same as overdose on the many, many tablets he seems to get hold of and take.
So he comes to my house because he has no shoes. As I don't let the kids wear shoes in the house I have a huge shoe box out on the verandah where they store them and to Brother #2 this would be like a visit to Pauls Warehouse!! Thank goodness I came home when I did or one of us would now be missing a pair of shoes!!
So it turns out that yes..he has taken tablets..2 according to him..yeah right..and the hospital had let him go.
He was totally off his face and I just completely lost the plot and went berko at him for bringing his crap to my house in front of my kids yet again!!
Cut a long story short..I drove him home where he again took more tablets and is now back in hospital. According to my mother the psych doctor rang her this morning and told her that he has had some sort of breakdown or phsycotic (s?) episode and doesn't even know where he is. So again...he will more than likely be transferred to the psych ward, smacked on the wrist and sent home in a week.
I probably sound really cold right? Like I don't care?
Believe me..I have done everything in my power possible to help him but nothing gets through..absolutely nothing. Just when you think he is coming 2 weeks ago..he takes himself into Sydney for the day..goes for a walk along a marina..finds keys in a boat and takes the said boat for a ride around Sydney you do!! Seriously though..I had to have a bit of a laugh at that one!!
I just can't cope with their crap's not just him..the other brothers are just as bad and my mother..well..thats a story for another day.
Anyway..sorry for all this but I really had to vent.
Sharryn :)

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Sam said...

this really sucks and you don't need it. I had issues of a sort with my brother years ago, but they were all alcohol related. :(
Thank goodness that he has gotten his act together in the last 4 years.

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