Saturday, March 25, 2006

Boys and their sport...

Well today brings mixed emotions.
Jye, my 10yr old sports star..LOL.. decided that he wasn't playing footy this year a couple of months ago. However, when it came time for me to sign up my 8yr old, Jack..Jye got the shakes..LOL..'Oh but this is my 5th year of playing' so of course he was signed up too. Now Jye played his first season of A grade last year right? This of the other clubs have folded so a couple of their players have come over to us. This means 18 kids and we only need 15 for a side. So that leaves the coach the task of dropping 3 kids.
As Jye is somewhat the cricket star..he wanted to play indoor cricket in the off season. Unfortunately for him, the under 12 competition is played on a Saturday morning when he would be playing football. But..he wanted to play indoor..and me being me..I rang my husbands uncle..who so happens to own the local indoor cricket centre..LOLOL..and got Jye into the Friday night competition knowing that footy training is NEVER, EVER on a Friday night. So what happens? The coach decides he's going to train the kids on a bl**dy Friday night!! OMFG!!
Which left Jye with 2 options. Play with the B side of footy this year and give the A grade spot to someone else 'cos we can't all have everything we want..which he was happy enough to do. Or..give up indoor cricket..keeping in mind that after you actually were given the go-ahead to play on a Friday night..a team was founded from that so now you can't let that team down!!
So..the coach of the A side is still in the process of choosing the boys he wants and the ones he has to drop. We are happy enough with that..only it's like Jye has something to prove. Last week they had a game at Wests Stadium and Jye plays like a bat outta another trial game...OMFG..Jye plays like Benji fri**en Marshall!! This has made the coaches job even harder. BUT..just found out today that the B side is training on a Friday night!!
Well the A side coach announced tonight that if you haven't heard from him by Tuesday that you're on the A side. However, if he're out. I just know Jye is gonna get that phone call.
I don't know why it's worrying me 'cos I didn't want him playing this season's just getting too rough. And I really, really don't want to be here when Danny (the coach) rings 'cos I just know I'll become defensive..hey..that's my son!!
In a perfect world..Jye could play his footy and play cricket too..that's in a perfect world. How do you explain to a 10yr old that this isn't a perfect world??
Anyway..I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want him to be able to have the best of both worlds 'cos his whole little life revovled around footy until the beginning of this cricket season where he just blitzed the field. He has realised that he is much better at cricket than what he is a footy..but he can't bring himself to say he doesn't want to play anymore. So..why can't he do both until he makes up his mind?
To be fair though..if his heart isn't in it..he needs to hand over the reigns to some other kid who really, really wants to play footy.
He is such a champion that he knows this...I think it's just my problem.
So..what may I I do about that?? Maybe I'll take a leaf out of my sons book and 'get over it'!!
Sharryn :)

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