Monday, February 27, 2006

OMG..a mothers worst nightmare!!

Sorry I haven't 'blogged' over the weekend but have had a bit of a traumatic time.
My eldest son was stabbed on Friday night!! He was picking up a mate and the mates girlfriend from a party when some idiot threw a beer bottle at his car. My son got out to investigate and was set upon by a heap of of the mongrels came at my son and his friend with a broken beer bottle and stabbed them before bashing them. My son ended up with only 4 stitches but his mate is in hospital with a punctured lung!!
Unbelievable that someone can just do this for fun!
My son is OK now..but was quite shaken up about the whole thing.
On a lighter note I had 3 of the boys in 2 cricket finals yesterday and 1 of the teams has gone on to play the Grand Final next week..YAY!!
I obviously didn't get any scrapping done over the weekend. :(
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Kylie said...

Wow sharryn. Thats so horrible I have no words :( As a local thats even more scary.

What's this world coming to? It's so screwed

Missing you on msn woman!

Hope josh is all good

Beth said...

OMG Sharryn that is so awful! I am so shocked! I hope he comes through it all ok.

COngrats on the boys cricket! Fingers crossed they win the Grand Final!

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