Friday, February 24, 2006


Well it had to happen!! I am so sick of the crap my mother and brothers dish out to me that last night I went completely berko and told them not to bother ringing me again!! I am so sick of their dramas! Fair dinkum..I'm quite happy to live the simple life with my own husband and kids and I don't need their dramas shoved down my neck each and every time the phone rings. So..let see how long before one of them 'just doesn't get the words p*ss off and rings me???
Yesterday I got half a layout done..LOL..and will hopefully finish it this afternoon. I'm going to a trivia night tonight so that should be fun and is an excuse for a drink :) (Any excuse will do)
Oh..almost forgot..yesterday I became a 'Scrapboxx Motor Mouth'..ROFL..who would've thought I'd ever chat that much?? Hmmmmmmm?? LOL
And..last night my gorgeous daughter bought me a bunch of flowers that are so beautiful..she really is the best daughter a woman could have. :)
So..catch you all later..take care.
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