Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No time to scratch myself at the moment!! bum feels like it hasn't touched the ground since yesterday!!
Had canteen duty today then a Mothers Club meeting tonight..then they wanted to go to the club for a drink. Not tonight chickens..I'm beat..LOL
Didn't get any scrapping done today but tomorrow I plan to fit some in. I'm now up to N in my A-Z album.
Haven't heard from my mother about my brother so who knows whats going on there??
Heard this great little ditty today..bit rude but I thought very funny. It's all about biscuits so keep that in mind when reading it..thats if anyone does..LOL
Mr ARNOTT took his NICE to MONTE CARLO and stuck his SCOTCH FINGER in her DATE ROLL and made her SA-O!! ROFL
How funny is that??
Take Care


Sam said...

thats funny :)
sounds like you havent stopped :(

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »

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