Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our MASSIVE but AMAZING weekend

Hi there folks,
Hoping you are warm wherever in the world you may be.
It's freeeeeeeezzzzzing at my house today...pretty sure I've got icicles on my fingers and nose!

Well I have some SUPER EXCITING personal news to share.
Our daughter got MARRIED on the weekend!
Can you believe it? our little girl is all grown up and now a Mrs.

So this is how the story goes.
Rhiannon and Steve chose the date and venue to hold their engagement party and sent out all the invitations.
One day they were discussing the party and one of them said to the other 'Wouldn't it be good if it was our wedding reception?'
The seed was planted and the rest, as they say, was history!

Both of them are very low key, relaxed and casual and neither wanted the big wedding with all the trimmings. They are both quiet and reserved and not 'spotlight' takers at all. So the way they planned their special day was just so 'them'.

They had the ceremony itself at their home in Inner Sydney and this was attended by both couples immediate family: parents, brothers and sisters and a couple of very close friends.
They also have a dog who is the light of their lives so of course he had to be able to attend.
So it was a lovely, intimate ceremony that reflected on both personalities beautifully.

Here's a photo of Ted watching his mum and dad tie the knot:

 Cute huh?

One of our boys and his girlfriend are in America at the moment but they had all planned before they left to Face Time the ceremony so they didn't miss a thing.
I love this photo of Rhiannon and Steve being congratulated after the ceremony by Jayden and Renee:

As I previously mentioned...neither couple are big on fuss and I literally had to beg to get some styled shots of them! Thank goodness Michael and I went over to their house the weekend before and I went for a walk to see what I had to work with!
Being in the Inner City I really wanted to capture that grunge, warehouse, inner city Sydney style. Here are a couple of pics of the newlyweds:

The reception was held at The Empire Hotel in Annandale and OMG that place is GORGEOUS!
Such beautiful furniture, very relaxed atmosphere and just a nice place to be. you wouldn't believe it was in such a busy suburb.

Once back at the reception the newlyweds surprised the rest of their guests with: 'Look! We got married BEFORE our engagement party!'.

 A couple of weeks ago we found out that Jye's next fight would be held ON THE SAME DAY AS THE WEDDING!!!

Thank goodness the universe was in our corner time wise and it turned out well.
We travelled from Sydney up to Woy Woy Saturday night and apart from the awful traffic getting out of the city it wasn't too bad at all.

Unfortunately Jye just missed out on the win this time but what an AWESOME fight!
It was 4 rounds and 2 minutes each round this time, both boys winning 2 rounds each but Jye's opponent finishing just a bit stronger in the end.
We are so proud of him, he had the flu the 2 weeks leading up to his fight and although I'd asked him to pull out a couple of times due to him being sick the thought wasn't even entertained by him.
His opponent was 24 (Jye is 18) and this was his 7th fight so he also had a little bit more experience.
All this aside though it was great to watch Jye matched up against someone with that experience and to see how he'd pull through in the end. He did really, really well.

Love that I got this photo of him with Rhiannon just after he'd changed at the reception before he left for Woy Woy:
This one with his trainers just before the fight:

An action shot:

 And both boys after the fight...glad that one was over LOL

So that was our Saturday.
Sunday we spent the afternoon at Josh's helping with the lawns and cleaning the guttering. 
Of course little man helped out...he does love his gardening this kid!

After we finished here it was off to watch soccer star Jack play and we got there just in time to watch him score the first goal of the game!

There you have our amazing but crazy busy weekend featuring our gorgeous kids.

How was your weekend?
Great I hope!

Chat soon,

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Lizzy Hill said...

Congrats! What a wonderful way to have a wedding & those photos are GORGEOUS, especially the in the middle of the road one! Woy Woy, eh? You shoulda called in to see me *winks*!!!! Loved your post with all your exciting news:) Lotsa scrapping photos now:):)!!!

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