Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Fabulous friends and #throwbackthursday

Hi everyone,
Hope the week has been good to you so far...only a couple of days to go before the weekend.
It's Mothers Day here on Sunday and we will be having our Annual BBQ breakfast with family and friends in a local park.
Looking forward to's always a yummy breakfast :)

Last weekend I attended (yet another) high school reunion. I am very blessed to have gone to school with an awesome bunch of people, not only in my grade but other years above and below mine.
So our reunions aren't just for the grade I was in but for anyone that attended the school basically.
We are a pretty tight knit group even after all these years (30+) and I am extremely grateful for the friendships I've kept with some of them.
Friendships like that are very hard to find these days and to have multiple is just a true blessing.
Here are some pics of the night...not great as they were all taken on phones.

A bittersweet week of friendships for me though as I spent Saturday night laughing and dancing with all these wonderful people but this Saturday will mark the 1 year anniversary of my beautiful friend Michelle's passing from cancer.

I met Michelle through my kids primary school many, many years ago and we became very good friends.
I don't think I have ever met anyone like her to be honest and probably never will again.
To have spent her last night in hospital with her and held her hand in her final hours was absolutely heartbreaking but also a privilege and an honour.
Still find it hard to reminisce about her without tearing up and I have still yet to go and visit her resting place. I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm hoping to get out there this Saturday though as hard as I know it's going to be.
RIP my beautiful friend I love you and will never, ever forget the friendship we had and the awesome times we spent together.

Unfortunately I don't have any crafty shares for you today...well recent ones anyway.
I've issued a bit of a fun challenge to scrappy friends on Facebook to create a Throwback Thursday album to share our older layouts and projects.
I think it's a fab way to go over old pages and reminisce about products that once were and to see how our styles have evolved.
So without further's my #throwbackthursday share for today. The very first layout I ever did in February 2005.

Gosh I was so proud of that page! LOL
Remember the trend of using old CD's as embellishments?
Photos are of my eldest son when he was a newborn.

That's it for me today I'm off to edit some newborn photos for a client.
Take care and have an awesome Mother's Day if you live in Australia or just a wonderful weekend anyway.

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Lizzy Hill said...

Oh, you poor thing - it is not fun seeing a friend go through this- but you are right, it's also a've certainly had an up & down time lately....& I must say, scrapping has changed!! I LIKE the CD idea, though...betcha what goes round comes round again sometimes...'scuse the pun!!!!! Take care & Happy Mother's Day:):)

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