Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year over.....

Another year has flown by. Seems these days if you blink you miss days, even weeks at a time. The world just continues to carry on without us if we do happen to blink twice. Such is life.
I'm not one for making New Years Resolutions I tend to just go with the flow of life and see what the Universe has in store for me. I'm not one to diet or sweat my butt of exercising so why stress myself? I am what I am...flaws and all.

In saying that though, what is your New Years Resolution?

I didn't get a Xmas blog done so I'll just do a quick one here. We had a lovely, quiet Xmas with family...yummy beloved Scotch and great company. This year we did a Xmas brunch with all the kids as Rhiannon and Steve were heading down the South Coast for dinner with Steves family. The brunch was so yummy and something I might even do again as it kept the boys full till dinner...LOL

I did manage to get a nice photo of the 8 of us though thanks to Steve. xx

Then it was off to Michaels sisters house for dinner and more pressies. She had this awesome Santa suit that you know I just had to have a go at...hehehe...

The 27th was Jye's 15th birthday but unfortunately we spent the best part of the morning up the hospital with him as he had a migraine poor little possum. He spent the rest of the day asleep. Not much of a birthday for him. I only managed a couple of shots of him as the camera flash was hurting his eyes so I took his birthday portrait of him asleep on the lounge. :(

Yesterday was Michaels birthday and he spent that fixing the van with his father and I'm very happy and grateful to say they got it working...woohoo!! So I never killed it after all.

I have a special someone I'd like to introduce you too...Renee (Nay Nay) our second Princess. She and Jayden have been going out for some time now and they are in luuuuurrrve as 17 year olds are these days. So cute xx Isn't she gorgeous?

I have some layout shares as well this post. I've had a bit of a chance to play and must say I'm loving the time I get to scrap.
I made this wall hanging for Renee. I made it all vintage and put an antique action over the photo.

This layout I did of Jedd as he has just turned Sweet 16 on the 12th of December.

I printed out a photo of my 3 cricketers and scrapped this:

This next one was of me in the Super Sized Santa suit. Not very happy with this one but oh well:

And this last one of my great nephew in his uncles work boots trying to get into the garden:

Well thats it for last post for 2010.
Wishing everyone happiness and good health for the New Year.
Stay safe.
Love Shaz


Shelley said...

Awesome layouts chickie.. Hope 2011 is a great year for you and the fam xx

Bel said...

I love your blog revamp..gorgeous layouts and family shares. hoping to see you in 2011 for some scappin and laughing xxx
off to add you to bloglines xxx

Leeann Pearce said...

Gosh your family has grown up so much... happy new year to you and your family... and keep up the awesome scrapping Leeann xxx

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