Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Last Post

Well this is very last blog post from this house. Tomorrow we set off to our new house and I really must admit, I don't think I'm going to miss this house. I am filled with a lot of trepidation about the new place for various reasons but if I look at it positively then all should be good.

We have had 11 good years here, lots of birthdays, Christmas's and celebrated a lot of milestones. We've been lucky enought to have the best neighbours ever although over the past couple of years a lot of 'originals' have moved so the little street has changed so much. Right at this very minute, the bloke at the top of the street is about to walk out his front door to move after many years of living here so there really is only one 'original' left here in the street.

My kids have made some great friends here, the children (now grown adults) in the street have always been great and all got on so well. Even the ones that have moved keep in contact. Jack had only just turned 3 when we moved in here and was the baby of the street. Now he's a teenager.

In hindsight, it really doesn't feel like we've been here for 11 years although those that know me well know that I've never really 'settled' here. It's just never really felt like home. It is, however, an and of an era for us. The house that all our kids grew into teenagers and for Josh and Rhiannon, adults.

So I shall continue packing the last of it, head down bum up, until we move and I can post again. (Which hopefully won't be too long).

Thank you house for the last 11 years of memories that we will never forget.
The Thomsons xx


Paula said...

Best wishes for the move Sharryn, hope it all goes smoothly ;)
cheers xx

gumgully said...

Good Luck luvvy, I Hope it all goes well for you. Don't overdo it hey - the unpacking doesn't have to be done overnight!

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