Friday, July 02, 2010

Jolly June

Hi all,
Hope you have all been well and keeping warm in this horrid cold snap. cold has it been?
Sorry for the slackness in blogging (yet again) but there really hasn't been much to talk about.
Birthdays are all over until September thank goodness, once again I was getting all caked out..LOL

Last post I mentioned I had become a Kaszazz consultant and I'm absolutely LOVING it!! If you haven't seen a Kaszazz catalogue lately do yourselves a favour and get your hands on one. I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised!! The boys are going away for the first week of the school holidays so I've booked some demos in and can't wait to catch up with some gorgeous friends while doing them. Oh and I've started a blog to document my journey with Kaszazz and would love for you to pop in and see how I'm doing.

I went on a Retreat with crazy Chrissy Collier organised by the lovely Belinda Howlett last weekend at Long Point in Macquarie Fields. Living only 20 minutes away I was surprised that I'd never heard of the place but it was just lovely. The cabins were so cute and cosy and the place is immaculate. The kitchen even had a log fire for the cold nights and the guy that runs the place made a campfire for us to all sit around on the Saturday night however it was far too cold to do. We got to sit with amazingly talented Jen Hall which was great for inspiration for the whole weekend. Man that girl is talented!!
Here are a couple of pics:

Chrissy and I found this sweet little wooden cubby and just had to get some photos in it.

These are photos of the grounds and cabins with their gorgeous gardens and the sweet little loungeroom in them. Too cute..

I managed to get 4 layouts done, some bunting for a new bub and a bit of a mini album which surprisingly is very productive for me on a Retreat. Here are 2 of the layouts, the other 2 you might see later. ;P
P.S I need to re-print this photo as my printer decided to run out of ink just before I left. Doh!!

Before I go I'd like to share this gift I received from Jedd with you. He jumped in the car the other day from school with a big cheesy grin on his dial telling me he'd made me a present in woodwork. So I got all excited as the last one he made was a stool that is so cute. Imagine my surprise (and my face) when he proudly presented this? Gotta love boys...LMAO

That's it for now stay safe and chat soon


Paula said...

That gift is a classic...such a boy thing! Is this what I've got to look forward to???
Great to see you scrapping...& blogging ;)
Looking forward to catching up next week with yr Kaszazz...already started on my wish list!

Michelle W said...

Jacob still wants to know if it's a FISH ??? PMSL !!!
Looking forward to seeing you in the holidays Sharryn, and glad you had a great time on retreat !

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