Friday, May 28, 2010

More birthdays...

Hi all,
Hope you have been keeping well and much better than we have in this dormitory!

Literally since Rhiannon's 21st there has been someone sick in this house and it's been awful!!
The following night of the party Jedd woke up with the most violent stomach bug ever which had him down for the count for 48 hours. Monday night Michael started to feel unwell and by Tuesday night he was gone with the same thing and Josh got it Tuesday afternoon. Ewwwwwww...
Had to laugh when a telemarketer came to the door though...our bedroom is right next to the front door and all you could hear was Michael being rather intimate but very loud with a bucket and Josh echoing from the bathroom down the hallway doing the same thing. I can't believe this guy stood there and asked me if he could come back!!

Then the filthy flu found it's way in and smug 'ol me who thought it was great that I didn't get the above virus was in for a very rude shock.
Anyway enough of all the illness talk...

As I've mentioned before May is a massive month for us. My birthday was on the 18th and I was spoilt rotten by my lovely family. Michael cooked an awesome dinner...garlic, chilli prawns with Pepper steak and delish veges. I got some lovely pressies...a Tom Ang Photography book and a Pandora bead from Michael and the boys (which says Forever Always...nawwwww), a Cuttlebug I bought from Josh and Rhiannons birthday money and some yummy new scrapping stuff from my daddys birthday money. :)

Here I am sick as a mangy dog and not far off Rookwood with my cake...and yes I was 21 so don't even ask!! P.S Look where Michael has put the knife...I wasn't that sick love!!

And with all my boys...who look so excited to have a photo taken with me don't they? PMSL

Jayden's birthday was the 22nd and he was 17! We had a homemade pizza party which was mmmmmmmmmm.....and this fabulous white choc and passionfruit cheesecake. OMG it was divine...

Here's my beautiful birthday boy:

And what's a 17th birthday cake without a Thomas candle? Hehehehe...

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to scrap but I managed to get this one done. Isn't she just the cutest little possum ever?

I have some news I'd like to share as well. I have just become a Kaszazz consultant! I am so excited and haven't even got my kit yet, it will come some time next week so it's very new news...LOL
Will chat more about this when I know more but just wanted to tell you.

Have a good weekend all and stay safe in this horrid wet weather if you're getting all the rain.


Tracey said...

Love all the pics Sharryn. Sounds like you have had a very busy household lately.

Hope all the bugs are out of your house now and everyone stays healthy.

Love the layout and such a gorgeous photo. TFS :)

Nicole said...

oh god you poor thing you really did look sick.

very belated Happy Birthday again :)

and YUMMY I want that cheesecake


joven said...

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