Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's scrappin'

Hey hey :)
How is everyone? Well I hope :)
All is well here at the moment and I'm really enjoying the slowed down pace of the cricket off season. Jack has soccer but that's nowhere near as frantic as the cricket season.

I must say thank you to the people that sent emails, wrote comments etc for my last post. I absolutely LOVED it (well as much as loving can be in that industry) and I'm really keen.
I really am a little confused though as I thought I was actually starting there. It turns out it was training and they are also trialling a couple of other ladies for positions. Wish they had've been a little more specific as I've been a little bit...shall we say impatient for their phone call.
I have sent my Resume out to other places but it's a very closed industry and male dominant so I'll just have to sit and bide my time. I'm not the most patient person on the planet so that's easier said than done.

Rhiannon and Steve have moved into their own little terrace house in the city and it's just gorgeous. It's over 100 years old and is full of history, in a beatiful leafy street across the road from a big park. It reminds me so much of the houses my Nan lived in when I was a little girl. I love terrace houses, they are beautiful and this one has been really looked after.

I had a bit of a break from sewing over the school holidays I just found I couldn't concentrate with the boys running in and out and wanting to go here and there. So...I picked up some paper and glue and scrapped! Woohoo! I even remembered how to do it...LOL
I've had a layout sitting around for literally months not finished so I started with that. Not sure I like it but it was doing my head in so I finished it as quick as I could. Pic is of my gorgeous little niece.

I've been very impressed with The Colour Room and thought I'd give the second challenge a go and came up with this. This is a pic of Jayden I took before he went to a 21st birthday dinner for The Junction Works, a place he helps out and goes away with once a year helping disabled people.

I've done a few others for SIA that I forgot to take photos of before handing them over and an acrylic album but I can show you this one. This is from the absolutely STUNNING new range from Paper Inklings called FAMILY. The colours in this collection are simply beautiful and the embellishments to match divine.
This is a pic of a family member and her new baby girl.

Well that's about it for now. Until next time, stay safe.
Shaz xx

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