Friday, February 26, 2010

Cops, candles and junk

Hi all,
Hope this post finds you all well. You should at least be relaxed anyway seeing as it's Friday afternoon. ;P

So what's been happening around here? As usual busy, busy, busy although the pace has slowed down somewhat now that I've left work. Also because Jye hasn't been playing cricket due to a knee injury. Been to the orth. paed. surgeon and had MRI and thank goodness it's not as bad as we initially were told it might be and it looks like no operation will be needed although there will be a fair bit of physio.

Our gorgeous 'big boy' Josh turned 23 on Valentine's Day. Far out the years have flown. Here he is blowing out the candles on his cake. Yes he's still made to sit down at the table while we all sing etc etc etc...hehehehe

Last Monday I had a surge of energy which I'm not sure where it came from. I decided I wanted to change the lounge / family room around which is no mean feat seeing as it's all one huge L-shaped room with not one miniscule spot for anything else. Lucky for me, Michael and Josh came home from work early so I roped them in to help me. In hindsight, there is now way possible I could've done it on my own. I have so much stuff, in drawers, cupboards everywhere you look! Paperwork a mile high from researching my family history for 15 years and folder upon folder of information. Poor Michael had to bring the fridge trolley in to move most he wished he had've stayed at work...LOL
Anyway, I brought the lounge in from off the decking which was just going to waste under a tarp as I decided I wanted to make a little 'studio'. This was frowned upon however it didn't take Jayden long to park his butt on it!!

Speaking of Jayden, he and I went for a drive down to Goulburn Police Academy last Sunday for career information and he was pulled over for an RBT not 200metres from the academy. Of course, being his first RBT I had to get a photo so I've reached for my camera and was ready to point and shoot at the same time asking the officer if he minded if I took a photo. His response? 'I'd appreciate it if you asked first'. Silly man...funny though :) Poor bugger might have thought I was a nutter wanting to take a photo of something like that.

I'm still sewing madly and still loving it. I love the feeling you get when something is finished and I can stand there and admire what I've done. (Well the boys just go I have to tell myself how nice it is )
Here is a mini quilt I made late last year for a very special friend who'd had a horrific year. We held a benefit night for her and her kids but I wanted to give her something more personal so I made this.

I've just got home from a fabric shopping trip which was fun, fun, fun. I also took myself junking through the local op-shops and am really happy with what I picked up. There is one op-shop near here that is absolutely AMAZING! Only thing is though, because it's in a semi-rural area and everyone is after vintage they put the prices up ridiculously!! Anyway I managed to grab these. Now check out the lady on the right. As soon as I spotted this I thought 'Oh look...there's a Jilly G G doll'...PMSL
So of course I had to buy her :)

What are your plans for the weekend? We have Jack's indoor soccer grand final on tonight and cricket semis all day Sunday. So sport, sport and more sport as usual.
Have a fabbo weekend and stay safe.

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Shelee said...

Now that's what I call some TOPS op shopping Sharryn!

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