Friday, January 19, 2007

Bring on the Green and Gold baggy cap

Hey chickies...I'm home. :)
Hope everything has been good since I've been away on my short trip?? That actually flet like a lifetime. :)
Well I'm pleased to report that I had an AWESOME time away and I enjoyed every single second of every single moment of it. :)
It was really busy..not much time for relaxing.
Got there Monday morning ready for the first game. Each game, and there 4 of them, started at 9.00a.m and finished around 4.00p.m ish so they were long days.
The cabin we stayed in was really tiny but we didn't spend much time in that either so it served its purpose for what we needed it for. It was cute actually.
The whole team stayed in the cabins so we were like neighbours all living next door to each other for 4 days and it was so nice. Everyone got on so well together with no fuss and no arguing which was music to my ears. Even the younger siblings were well behaved.
Monday night we all went down to the Newcastle waterfront to a pizzeria for dinner and OMFG....I've never had pizzas like that but they were just to die for!!
They were gourmet, wood fire cooked and simply sensational.
It was really funny though when one of the dads broke away from the group when we got there and asked the waitress if she could seat us for dinner. She didn't look behind her and asked him how many there were...he's gestured towards us and said 'Oh..about 45'..LOL The look on her face was priceless..especially when she seen all the kids but the pizza chef was even better....his response was very simple when we all walked in. He just opened his mouth and silenty unttered one word...FUCK
ROFL...I think I would've said a bit more than that if I was cooking!!
The second night after the game we went to the local pool where they had the biggest ever water slide I've ever seen in my life and all the kids (and a lot of the parents) had an absolute ball. The Newcastle junior cricket put on a BBQ for all the teams playing in the Series at the pool so we ate there before heading back to the Motel for drinks around the pool with the adults.
3rd night we were going bowling but the lanes were booked so we all through in and had a huge BBQ dinner while the kids swam and more drinks. Great food, great people, great night.
I loved it!
After yesterdays game we all went over to the Bowling Club just metres away from the cricket ground for the presentation. Our team went through the Series undefeated which was AWESOME!!
Each game a Man of the Match was chosen and Jye received an award for this for the first game he played. The kids had to retire at 50 if they reached it and he did on his first game and also hit a 6 which was just amazig. Jye isn't such a big kid but he's a big hitter. Even the umpire took the bat from him and had a stroke of it for a minute..we were all on the boundary scratching our heads...What's the umpie doing with the bat? LOL I think he was reliving his glory days..either that or checking for springs 'cos the amount of boundaries Jye flogged that game was amazing..LOL
He actually got over 100 runs in the Series and for that he was awarded the Batting Aggregate and the Batting Average awards.
The best thing was for him though is that he received the Player of the Series award for which he was so happy with. Michael and I were so proud watching him go up and get all these awards. It just put the icing on the cake for the trip and made me even more thankful that I could be there. :)
Great stuff. It really can't get much better than that.
I FINALLY also managed to finish looking at my Elsie book! I took it away with me but didn't get much of a chance to read it. It's an amazing book and I'm sure it will keep me challenged for a long while yet.
Thats it for now but I'll leave you with a pic of my boy the legend (in my mind anyway..LOL)
This is him with the shield the team won, his coach and manager.
Take it easy
Sharryn :)


Jo Hutchison said...

congratulations to Jye for all his awards!! You must be one very proud Mummy. Glad to hear that you had a nice time away. Newcastle is a great place isn't it? As for the Pizza Cook - ROFL I would said more than that too!

Jo (Scrapgirl - Boxx)

Beth said...

OMG! GOOOO JYE!!!!!!! How awesome is that dude! I bet someday he WILL be wearing the green and gold baggy cap!

deirdre said...

WOOO HOOO Jye, well done kiddo, cant wait to see you wearing the baggy green!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
I think I really need to get this elsie book, its mega hard to get hold of though. Cant wait to see the pics from your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations JYE!!!!! How pleased does he look. What a trooper.
I bet he'll look fabulous wearing the green and gold baggy cap ;-)
Take care

Kim G said...

Oh wow - well done!

Hi Sharryn, thought it was time I did some de-lurking :)

Love your blog!

Karen Ridgeway said...

Hi Sharryn!!! :o) Oooh, your layouts are total eye-candy girl, I LOVE them!!!!! Sounds like a fab trip away, and congrats to Jye...that is one OUTSTANDING effort :o))))))

Thanks so much for sharing your blog link with me and I will check back in on you soon - lovely to meet you!!!!

Love Karen xoxo

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