Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Xmas shopping...for fish

Howdy partners :)
Wots doin'?
Not much here at the moment..which is cool by me. I managed to get some more Xmas shopping done yesterday when I went up to the shopping centre 'just to buy fish'..LOL
Ended up buying Josh a wave ring from the's really nice.
I bought Jedd this hip-hop dude that rocks and sings all that hip-hop crap. Yeah yeah I know by 8.30a.m Chrismas morning I'll be yelling at the bloody thing to shut up but it's something that I know Jedd will like. He is so hard to buy for seeing as he doesn't play any sports at the moment and his fads change on a regular basis...more so than the others. I've bought him a few different things this year..jokey type things that he likes.
I bought Jayden some stuff from Australia Zoo. I bought him a Steve Irwin shirt and a Crocodile Hunter cap. He's gonna be rapt at the shirt!! I'm keeping everything I have crossed that it will be here before Xmas Day though...apparently they are really busy. I should have thought of that earlier I suppose.
I managed to get myself 2 pairs of shoes for $30- which I thought was a bargain and a half..LOL This trendy shoe store that I normally wouldn't give a second look to had bargains galore! They had some really nice shoes but none in my size..bugger! I ended up getting this really cute, trendy pair of slides and a pair of beaded black thongs. Very noice!!
Then I bought the fish!! ROFL
I also bought some prawns and oysters as my darling hubby was coming home to cook them but we only managed to get the fish cooked as I was busy helping Jedd with his autobiography that has to be handed in tomorrow. Grrrrrrrr!! I also had a P & F meeting up at the high school last night and supper afterwards so no time to scratch my almighty clacker!!
Speaking of which...I started walking again on Monday to try and lose this extra weight thats crept up on me again...or have I mentioned this already? Think I have...hmmmmmmmm...maybe I need to do some brain exercises too!
Yesterday I created a new blog banner which I love...only thing is I had a really hard time getting it right in Blogger. It looks a bit skew whiff but I like it! I really need to get some more pics of Josh!
It's now Wednesday and the Boxx still isn't online! OMFG...I'm even starting to look homeless now! Soon someone will be offering to buy me coffee and doughnuts! Hurry up Maria will ya!!!
I spoke to my gorgeous girl last night...she is having a great time with the other girlies. They went shopping yesterday and lo and behold..they came across a scrap shop! Guess who got a pressie?? ROFL Woo hoo...wonder what it is?? She said it's only something small but it's something I've said I want. Hmmmmmm..that could be any number of things. :)
I want to upload some pics but Blogger is being anal again so maybe next time.
Until then..take care


Anonymous said...

It's great when you find a bargain, isn't it Sharryn! I love your christmas banner! Looks great! I might have to do one too...with the BOXX being down for so long, well I've chewed off all my fingernails and will have to start on the kids...the withdrawls are terrible PMSLOL!! ~ just kidding but you know where I'm at LOL LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Love the banner shaz. Looking cool.

Anonymous said...

oooo Love the banner Shaz...
Rofl....hope u get some time to scratch that clacker of ur'

Bec said...

G'day gorgeous! *hugz* miss ya!! Am missing all my Boxx friends! Thanks for your sms earlier.. lmao.. sorry I can't help you fix your broken boxx..pmsl!!!

Yeah I go shopping for one thing and buy a million other things first..or I buy all the other things and completely forget to buy what I had originally went to the shops for.

You'd think with all this spare time that I would actually do something worthwhile.. like clean or cook some Xmas treats or scrap...but nopes!!! LOL

Love n hugz

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