Friday, December 08, 2006

SM Masters

Woo hoo! I know who the Masters are!! :)
Got my book just then!!
Two of my lovely friends got in, not as Masters but one of them for everything else.
CONGRATS know who you are. I won't mention any names until you announce it yourselves.
Awesome achievement for everyone.
I haven't looked at it properly at all yet I'm saving it for tonight.
And guess what? My printer is fixed! Just needed a new ink.


Anonymous said...

woohoo..thanks for the heads up this arvo Shaz, sorry I was slow with replies, was at the school LOL

Love the layouts below..awesome stuff! The colours suit both boys so well too.

This is gonna be one long bloody weekend without the Boxx.. fair dinkum I am driving my kids nuts!

And congrats to the Masters..they know who they are!!!

Catch up soon babe
Love n Hugz

peta g said...

Your layouts are gorgeous, as always!! You'll have to show me how you get your slide there Sharryn, mine's gone in as a post!
I'll have to wait for the SM masters book for a little while, snail mail out here! Seriously missing the Boxx.
Chat soon(hopefully)

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Hi there, remember

Feels like forever since we chatted doesn't it. I hope Scrapboxx is back online soon as I am missing you and all my friends.

I've been keeping very busy (and stressed) lately so not had much spare time to do the blog rounds. Feels like I am missing out on heaps of news but will try and catch up soon.

Your newest layouts and photos here look fabulous and your slideshow is excellent. I love seeing all your creations, well done.

Hope your having a nice week end so far. Take care and hope to talk with you soon on the Boxx.

Anonymous said...

ROFL ....yep new ink will fix alot Shaz!
PMSL @ the song for the boxx, It was online earlier today(sat) then i just tried to say about ur song on there & then it was down again!
They are fantab. lo's! Nothing just fit's n e where for me n e more...feel like even more of a novice then when I first started...
Have a great weekend
p.s I know u want to have a ride in that dune buggy!

Beth said...

The ink will get you every time Shaz! LMAO!!!

Am I a 'lovely friend'? Hmmm? I wonder? Thanks Shaz!

Mardi said...

The Boxx is back...Yay.
Ive missed you ...Mardi x

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