Friday, December 08, 2006

Got some scrappin' done

Hey all :)
Still no friggen Boxx! Are you serious Jodie that it might not be coming back online till Monday? OMFG!! I seriously have nowhere else to go! :(
I finally got my slide show to work and fitted it where it's supposed to go..well I think it's meant to go there. Far out...what a hassle! LOL
I managed to get a couple of layouts done that I'm really happy with. I took some shots of Jack the other day..I had the journalling but no pics so I tried my hand at 'natural light' shots and I'm happy with what I got. I love this LO I finished yesterday with one of the shots.

Journalling is about his Xmas list I found on my scrapping desk and he'd written the words most wanted against for items. Down the bottom on his letter to Santa he wrote that Santa didn't have to get him everything on the list..just the things marked most cute. Of course I had to scrap that.

Second layout I got done was a pic I took of Jayden the day Michael bought the dune buggy home (last Thursday) and Jayden was having a bit of a go around the front yard. I think it's another great pic..LOL I'm happy with this layout also.

Such a spunk that kid! Apparently one of the girlies in Yr 8 cried the other day 'cos he wouldn't go out with her!! Yr 8??? Not my son least wait until you've got a hair under your arm! God these girls are growing up fast these days!

This last pic is just a photo of the boys and the buggy. Michael bought this from his boss for Xmas..he's been paying it off for ages God love him. They're taking it down to Goulburn for a spin on Saturday afternoon. I can't go 'cos 2 of the boys have parties to go to. Bummer! You'd think they'd want to go ride the buggy!

I tried printing some pics last night to scrap but it seems my printer has died in the ass! I can't understand why..I printed these pics for the layouts above just Friday! All the photos are now coming out yellow. I have a HP Photosmart 8450..any suggestions? I NEED my printer! It's a necessity!!
Will have another fiddle with it today.
My Rhiannon comes home to mummy today! :) Yeehaa!
This is the last weekend for Rep. cricket...another yeehaa!! LOL Still club cricket Saturday mornings but no more Sundays so things won't be so rushed and hurried around here as much.
The boys (youngest 3) have another Pupil Free Day today...stuff knows why..they just had one!! Almost Xmas holidays and they're having PFD's...what a friggen joke!
Thats it for me today...until the weekend. :)
Stay safe


Anonymous said...

LOVE those LO's, and yes they are both spunks!
The printer? we have an HP PSC 1610, and it does that sometimes. Have you tried calibrating your cartridges? Take them out, reload and calibrate. Dont know if that will help or not. Maybe ring or email HP?
Bugger about not being able to go ride the buggy. I'd make the kids walk to their parties, LOL!
Have a good one chook!

Anonymous said...

Loving the layouts Shaz. Great work chick. The one with the santa list made me smile.

Have fun in the buggy.

Chrissy (gumgully) said...

You're scrapping up a storm, and an awesome storm at that! Love your work. Good luck with the printer, and bugger about the buggy, I can just see you know hooning around a corner half hanging out the side LOL

Mardi said...

Absolutley fantabulous layouts them...and you certainly do have very handsome wonder the girlies are crying.

...ah...yes the Santa list layout is just wonderful...dont you love kids lists...
Mardi x

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