Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thank you

Thanks everyone so much for your comments and support. It really means a lot.
I had a really bad day yesterday..I just felt so drained and emotional. It really was awful and I hope it never happens again.
Josh came back yesterday after Michael messaged him about the garage break in attempt. He asked did I want to talk but I said no..I was just still so angry and emotional I couldn't face it. In the end we had a bit of a talk but I still argued my points across. I'm not backing down for the sake of giving in to kiss his backside..thats not me at all. I'm a stubborn bitch and if I know I'm right I'll argue till I'm blue in the face if I must. Must be the Taurus coming out of me.
My grandfather rang here last night to get my mothers mobile phone number as he had written the number down wrong. I knew it was unusual for him to ring her mobile (she doesn't have a land line) 'cos he says it costs him too much so I knew there was something amiss. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was ringing to see how my brother..the one that pinched his car..went in court yesterday (for a different matter). I couldn't believe it! Then he told me how he'd driven over here to take him to court yesterday but when he got here he'd already left so he drove all over Campbelltown looking for him and couldn't get a parking spot so he went home. What the? When will this silly old bugger learn? This is why my idiot brother gets away with so much 'cos he knows no-one in the family will do anything. I think they are all a pack of dickheads!! I've heard so many people complain when they find out they are adopted..but I've been know to beg my father to tell me I'm really adopted..LOL Fair dinkum! (My 3 brothers are all to my mothers 2nd marriage and I'm an only child to my father..thank Christ!!)
Today is my baby, Jacks birthday..he is 9 years old today. Gee..where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday I was stuck in the house 24/7 with 6 kids under 10yrs and 4 of those under 5 yrs. OMFG...I don't know how I ever did it!! Scary thoughts. I do know that I was a lot more organised then, than what I am now.
Thats it for me today, I'm going to bake Jack a cake to take up to school so he can share it with his classmates. We have a tradition in this house where the kids can choose whatever they want for dinner on their birthday and Jack chose Curried Snags..God love him. I told him that they really weren't much of a birthday meal so he has changed his mind to burritos. Hmmmmmmm...big difference. LOL
Have a great day everyone.


deirdre said...

Ummmmmm Sharryn, I dont know how you did it either, 6 under the age of 10 and 4 under 5????? I barely cope with my 2, u r a super MUM!! But I guess we just get in and do it hey?!
And things will get better with Josh, you sound a bit like me.....I NEVER give in!
Take care chook

Mardi said...

Sheeeeeshhhh!...I aint ever whinging again!!!

...and Teenagers..they are buggers...they know just which strings to pull...and good on you for not backing down...

Good things must be in the wind for you.....they have to be!

Hugs XX

Sam said...

You've been tagged by ME. Check out my blog for

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