Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Well whatever it is I've been whinging and whining about for the past couple of weeks illness wise..finally has come to a head in a big way. I have been so sick and spent from Saturday afternoon til yesterday being sent from the medical centre to the hospital and back and to for the whole friggen 3 days.
Saturday morning I had this back pain that was indescribable. I put up with it till about lunch time until I couldn't anymore and went to see my 'real' doctor knowing I had about a 3 hour wait but I didn't care. It actually wasn't that long and while I was in his room he told me to stand up so he could look at my back and all of a sudden I felt really weird and light headed and tingly all over and I had to sit down. I lifted the sleeve of my jumper and I had this God almight rash that on closer inspection was covering my whole body...this bright red mottled rash. The doc took me into the treatment room and took a heap of blood, gave me antibiotics and told me if the pain and/or rash got worse to go straight to the hospital.
An hour later after I got home I couldn't move so I went up the hospital and of course was seen straight away 'cos of the rash. At one stage there were about 8 doctors in the room..they were going to treat it as a meningitis case. The canular went in my hand and they took more blood tests.
After a couple of hours and a handful of painkillers..the back pain eased right off but the rash was still there. The doctors then informed me that the bloods and the urine tests had come back normal and they were sending me home. Of course, if things get worse..come back in. Usual shit.
Sunday morning I woke up in excruciating pain. I couldn't move my neck! Michael got clothes ready for me so I could jump straight in the shower and run the hot water on my neck and when I got in I experienced the strangest thing I ever have in my life. When I was standing there with thew hot water on my legs almost went from under me! After drying myself with help from Michael I went in my bedroom and stood in one spot as thats when my legs went funny..and low and behold it hapened again. This arms did the same thing as they were dangling at my side! The only way to describe this awful sensation is to say it's like someone putting the belt around your arm to take blood and the belt cutting your circulation off. Really awful.
Oh..and when I'd been up the hospital Sat. night and they took my blood pressure...when they put the thing around my arm it killed me..I had to yell at her to take it off..I thought my arm was being cut off! Never, ever happened before.
I felt a bit off Sunday morning and I was obviously worried about my arms and legs but there was no way I was going back up that friggen hospital. Sunday afternoon was a different story..I have never been so sick in all my life. My father had gone home by this stage and I was laying on the lounge and I was just so sick I layed there and cried like a baby. Poor Michael..he was crying to in frustration 'cos there was nothing he could do. :( It was awful.
Monday morning I went straight back to my GP to tell what had been happenning and tell him about these feelings or lack of in my arms and legs. At that stage..he had most of my blood tests back and there were things of interest in them. (I'd told him what the hospital had said about their blood tests and he just shook his head). It was looking like some virus at this stage although there were still blood tests that would take longer to come back. In the mean time rest and keep taking the antibiotics. Although they wouldn't fight a virus..they weren't going to hurt it either.
After coming home from my doc I received a phone call from the hospital. What the? Just ringing to see how I was! Also to let me know there were some things that had showed up in the blood test and they couldn't tell me why the doctors on Saturday night said there wasn't!! Needless tosay..this idiot got a mouthful and a thanks but no thanks. They are a pack of dead-set assholes up there they really are. Remember bakc in April when Jye broke his arm? We took him up there for x-rays and they told us it wasn't broken and then rang me on the Tuesday asking how he was and when I said he is in a lot of pain they said 'oh thats because his arm is broken'! The fuckwits!!
So..where I'm at now? I'm taking the antibiotics. I'm still getting headaches although not too severe. I still have some neck and back pain. Worst of all..I still have the awful sensation of having my circulation cut off when I stand still and have my arms down by my side. I've been walking around with my arms up close to my chest and if I have to stand still for any reason after about 30 secs I get the Cliff Young shuffle happening to keep my legs moving. I'm still very concerned about this as I've never heard of it before and no-one can really pin point it.
My doc says he is certain it the cytomegolo (sp) virus however I'm going to see a rheumatologist next Thursday to rule out anything there. I once tested weak positive to Lupus..which is very similar to the disorder I have now so we'll see what happens. At the moment I'll keep shuffling and take each day as it comes.I can get some digi brushes happening on pics if I want..I'm OK when I sit but all this typing is hurting my gnarled up hands. This has taken me forever to type.
So if anyone has ever heard of anything like this I am really open for comments.
Hope you are all well.


Beth said...

Oh my gosh Sharryn. I dont know what to say. That sounds so awful. Oh mate. Take care ok.

Sam said...

wow you have been through alot in the last few days to say the least. Sorry no suggestions here, but I hope they sort it out soon for you, it sounds truley dreadful :(

Hugs - Take Care

Lisa said...

oh sharryn that sounds like such an ordeal!! I hope everything gets sorted out soon for you and you can stop shuffling around :( Take care :)

Shelley said...

Ditto to what the other girls said Sharryn... I hope they work it out soon and you are on the mend - take care.

Shelley :)

Bec said...

*Hugz* babe and hope the docs can get you back on your non shuffling feet soon! This sounds absolutely awful, somewhat similar to lupus (friend in the usa has that), but also different too. Just get well soon!!!! I am really worried now, let us know as soon as you hear anything more. *Hugz hugz and more hugz*
Love n Hugz

Mardi said... awful for you....these symptoms dont ring any immediate bells...but Ill do a little reading at work tomorrow.
Take care of I know you will.

..and Listen up everyone....this Girlie Sharryn..while she has been so sick ..has managed to photoshop a photo of mine and send it to selfless is that!!! Thankyou so are a truly gorgeous friend.
Mardi x

Kylie said...

shazza you poor thing! don't forget if there's anything i can do give me a call. i'm free tomorrow friday saturday sunday and monday. bludging uni student. just as long as your not contagious hehe. you poor poor poor thing!
take care and i hope they sort it out soon.
what have you done to the hospital people, they obviously hate you rotfl... my fam has been in there so many times and no probs at all... whatd you do to them? hehe

hope you get better VERY soon!!! *lots of hugs and get well vibes*

deirdre said...

Oh Sharryn, I was getting really worried about you. I am so glad that you are OK, but you sound so unwell you poor chook. I am going to have a good look through my books and see if I can come up with anything regarding your symptoms.
Take care of youself, talk to you soon.

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