Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To smoke..or not to smoke

Hey all,
Hows it hangin? LOL Better than me I bet!! OMFG..I've decided to try and give up smoking..something I've wanted to do for a few months but have been holding off doing as sometimes I quite enjoy it.
Anyway..I've now gone my first 24 hours without a cigarette and I gotta say..I feel like shit. I'm not hanging out or anything..I'm actually finding it hard to type this..LOL..I'm feeling really light-headed, really faint...and I'm not sure if this is what I'm suppose to expect.
Michael hasn't had a smoke now for 2 weeks and he doesn't seem to go through this.
I feel like a junkie..LOL..although I know I shouldn't say that. No disrespect intended.
Last night I went to Liverpool with Jye for Indoor and his coach said there was no training tonight so I've decided not to go to the Mothers Club meeting. I have parent/teacher meetings tomorrow night so that will do me. I really don't feel like I can sit still at the moment anyway so I'll skip tonight and have dinner, a nice bath with my new For Keeps mag..and bed early. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow night and I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.
Stay safe
Sharryn :)


Sam said...

hang in there, it DOES get easier! Easy for me to say huh :( It's been 5 1/2 years (OMGoodness that long!!) since I gave up. It was hard to do, but once I had gone a month or 2 without one... food tasted different and my skin and nails looked healthier and there are heaps of little things that change for the better. Just IMO of course. Good Luck!!

Bec said...

I left a message at the Boxx, but wanted to check your blog. Hope you're doing ok?? As Sam really does get alot easier!!! Its been 11 weeks to the day for me, and I honestly do feel much better within myself...breathing is now easy, the taste of food is amazing!
Don't worry is someone else is doing "it easier" than you are.. those symptoms of light headedness are completely normal..your brain just isn't used to having real oxygen..thats all! You would have got that very same feeling when you first started smoking, you just don't remember that now, none of us ever do!
Take care, keep us updated!! Proud of ya!
Love n Hugz

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