Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 2!

Well, well, well..I am now more than half way through Day 2 of giving up the fags! This is the longest I've gone without smoking since I was about 15yrs old..can't remember a day when I didn't smoke..not even when I've been sick 'cos I actually crave nicotine when I'm crook AND when I was pregnant. Not a good thing to crave.
So..I'm hoping I don't come down with any dreaded flues or colds and I KNOW I definately won't be getting pregnant in the near future!!
Today the cravings feel a little stronger, I still feel light-headed and I have this bloody awful taste in my mouth! I've been told to drink plenty of water so will go and put some in the fridge. I feel a bit stressed out and I'm really hoping that will go away as the kids have school holidays coming up and I don't want to be yelling at them.
I've found some awesome support with the girls online..thanks girls you truly are all know who you are. :) I haven't told anyone else only Michael and the kids..oh..and 2 women from up at school as one of them offered me a cigarette yesterday..LOL I think if I keep it to myself for a while and I do give in..then I've only let myself down if you know what I mean. I'd be really disappointed with myself and I couldn't cope with the 'I told you so' attitude people develop when they think they know better.
Anyway..enough of me and my filthy habit.
Although I'll probably use this blog to vent in the next few days..LOL
Take Care


Sam said...

well done Sharryn :) keep up the great work :) I found chewing gum helped me when I got really bad cravings.

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