Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sophie..what a little fighter.

Well it's good to hear this morning that Sophie isn't as bad as doctors first suspected!! Thank goodness. News now says that she won't have to have surgery which can only be a good thing. She certainly is a fighter though.
However it really has made me wonder about her. Maybe she's not meant to be here..maybe she is meant to be an angel. How eerie that both accidents were caused by cars and elderly drivers?
The guy driving the car this time was 80 years old..imagine how he must be feeling?
Running down any child would be horrific but finding out it was a little girl that had already sustained such horrible injuries in a previous accident would be absolutely horrifying. Whether it was the drivers fault or not..he would be going through his own personal hell at the moment and being 80 years old and seeing what he probably has in his lifetime..I can only imagine that this would by far be his darkest hour.
I have an 88 yr old grandfather myself who has his full license and I know that something like this would kill him. So I'm keeping the driver in my prayers as well.
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