Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another visitor!!!

Hey dudes,
Well the Boxx is down and I got nowhere to go. :(
How sad is that???
The weirdest thing happened to me last night. I took Jack to hip-hop and when I pulled up I noticed this young, Islander guy sitting in the hall watching. My only thoughts on this were that his child must be starting dancing and he was allowed to watch for the first time.
So I'm sitting in the car with Jack as it wasn't time for him to go in yet when this guy comes out the front and gestures for me to wind my window down. He told me that he was in there watching because he is a dancer and that he was interested in starting his own hip-hop, R & B dance school and that the teachers said he could watch for a while. Hmmmmm..whatever I'm thinking. Said he lived across the road and that he was going home for dinner and would be back.
Well I didn't think much of it and while Jack was dancing I was reading a mag. Knock..knock on my car window and STUPID me..not thinking..engrossed in the mag..reaches over and UNLOCKS THE CAR DOOR!!
It was the same guy and instead of opening the door for a chat...he FRIGGEN JUMPED IN MY CAR!! OK...so by this time I'm thinking..well..I have an unknown Islander in my car who absolutely reeks of alcohol...no lights on in the car park..just me and him..what do I do??
Of course I thought of saying 'Look mate..piss off', but I didn't want to aggravate the situation 'cos I knew if I got this fellow angry and he started throwing punches..I was a gonna!!
He sat there for the whole 45 mins and I have to admit..I didn't feel threatened in any way. He was quite a nice guy and he told me his whole life story. However, I was really grateful when people started showing up to get their kids.
The only time I felt a bit 'iffy' was when he said to me that he was a dancer but he was really a boxer 'cos he said 'I don't think you understand who I am'. I'm thinking...well you start throwing mate and I've got a crook lock under my feet and I ain't afraid to use it!! LOL..Yeah right..I would've fair dinkum shat my pants!!
Needless to say, I have contacted the dance teacher and told her what happened so next week if he comes back I can sit in the hall. He might have been nice this week but like Michael said..after ripping me a new one for letting him in the car..Ivan Milat was nice to his backpackers too at first!!
An experience I don't want to repeat through my own stupidity.
Apart from that haven't done much else. Had a nice dinner and cake for Jayden last night for his birthday and tomorrow I have canteen duty..YEHAA..LOL
Have started my BTP task for the Masters and it's looking OK.
So..take care..and be careful who you let in your car!!
Sharryn :)


Mardi said...

Holy Snappin Ducks!!!...I had goose bumps reading your story...that is too freaky!!
He obviously wasnt a dance teacher...what was he doing there?

Kylie said...

SHAZ! omgzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i'm so glad i'm not you. ivan milat too, was a local, so who knows! LOL!

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