Thursday, April 13, 2006

Smashed my van

Well I have just lived through possibly the worst 24 hours of my life..thanks to my 'family' and I don't mean my husband and kids!!
OMFG...I won't go into it here because it's a bit personal to the person involved but it really shook me up...that much that I smashed all the side of my van when I hit a pole because I just couldn't concentrate on anything!!
I don't know why I let them get under my skin like I did the other day and I never, ever want to go through anything like that again.
On a lighter note..Rhiannon flies out on Tuesday for the last part of her Duke of Ed. award..she is off to the Northern Territory for 12 days..lucky her!! I can't believe it..this trip has come around so quick!!
I'm sure she'll have an absolute ball..the trip is broken into 3 parts..2 walking treks and 1 3 day camel hike where you look after your own camels etc. Should be great!!
Happy Easter everyone
Keep Safe


Beth said...

OMG Sharryn - I hope you are ok.

Sam said...

Hope you are ok :(
sounds like a terrible day

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