Sunday, April 23, 2006

OMG..everyone is sick!!

Well we came home from our 'Great Outdoor Camping Adventure' on Friday..yep..we lasted just less than 48 hours!! Jack started coughing from the campfire smoke and the dust the day we got there..Michael got the flu from camping out in the open on the first night..and Jye became sick on Friday morning with temperatures etc. Jayden didn't look real good either on Friday morning so the decision was made to come home. :(
Oh well..we packed so much in on the Saturday that it felt like we were there for a week!! Like I said to Michael..this isn't a holiday..this is like friggen boot camp!! My bum is still sore from bike riding!!
Thank goodness we came home when we did..Jye vomited most of the way home..Jayden got sicker by the minute..and poor Michael was that crook we just took everything out of the trailer and put it in the garage and he was in bed by 6.00p.m!
Only to be woken by a phone call from Rhiannon who had just finished the first leg of her outback trip..she is really sick with tonsilitis!! Fair dinkum!!
So the 2 tour guides took her off to the medical centre where I later received a phone call from the doctor telling me that she needs to go see an ear, nose and throat specialist. What the?? She's out the back of buggery riding stuffin' camels and he wants me to take her to a specialist!! Just give her the antibiotics I pleaded!!
She rang me back later to tell me that she did..indeed..get antibiotics and that she'd message me the next morning to let me know how was doing. That was the last I've heard of her as that was the first day of the camel trek. They don't get back to the resort until Tuesday and obviously there is no phone reception so stuff knows how she is!! They've probably tied her to the back of a camel..I can just see her now..head lolling and tongue out..just like the camel!!
Talk about stress me out!!
We had our BBQ stolen from our backyard last night by some mongrel! Thanks for that asshole..and don't take this personally but I hope you choke on the first snag you eat from it!!
Anyway..I'm off to finish an embellished mint tin for my friends little grand-daughter.
So..take care and keep safe.


Peta said...

gosh girl - that's just a whole lot of fun isn't it??

I hope he gets at least a bad case of food poisoning!!!

and hope that DD's throat is much much better!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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