Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Outback duck

Well I just had to share my layout that I've done this afternoon of Rhiannon and her outback duck!! LOL
I did the same thing when she went to Japan in Sep. 2004..I sat for the whole 2 weeks and scrapped layouts about her. Must be a coping mechanism.
This one is also a digi..can't seem to get my head around paper scrapping at the moment after finishing the A-Z album..LOL. Think I just need a BIG paper break.
Anyway..we bought Rhiannon this outback duck for Xmas..sort of like a mascot thing to take away with her. You know how like people take garden gnomes all over the world and take photos of them in all different places?
I bet you ANY MONEY that I get 200 pics of outback friggen duck sitting on top of Ayres Rock, a camels back and in the middle of Kings Canyon...but no pics of Rhiannon doing the same!!
Chat soon..I know I've already said that this arvo but had to share this layout.
Denim, gingham and cardboard unknown.
Font: Courier New
Straight stitching: Ivonne
Round stitching: Shabby Princess
Program: Adobe Photoshop


Anonymous said...

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