Saturday, April 15, 2006

More drama!!

Well bugger me!! As if this week hasn't been enough with the dramas of my family...I get a phone call from Parramatta courthouse this morning saying they have brother no. 3 in custody for driving without a license etc etc..AGAIN!! They wanted a phone number of someone who was willing to pay $500- to bail him out!! What the f??????? Not this bloody Easter Bunny!!
How many times do they have to be told?? Seriously? They are all 30 (well almost) years old and still they continue to run amok so let them get themselves out of the shit as far as I'm concerned. Instead of driving around in a car knowing they haven't got licenses they should be thinking of their poor bloody kids. Which obviously they dont and thats what makes me so mad. Always the kids that cop it and it's not fair!! Some people should never have kids and sorry to say but 2 of my 3 brothers should have been castrated at birth!!
I went Easter shopping this morning to get dear are they?? Ridiculous prices. Oh well..I got what I everyone knows me knows that I HATE shopping..especially when you can't move and some idiot behind you with a trolley is trying to use your ass as a parking bay!! Fair dinkum!!
Oh well, at least the kids have new PJ's for Easter..LOL They'll have enough eggs to give them a high for the day too..LOL
Just bought a few last minute things for Rhiannons trip also..don't want her out the back of buggery getting stung etc without the usual first aid needs.
Well all..the Easter bunny comes tonight so the pic above of the chocolate rabbits is my gift to you..ROFL

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