Saturday, March 18, 2006

YAY!! Today Jye played a trial game at Wests stadium which was an awesome experience for him. He played thre last year for his Grand Final but got beat but today they kicked butt..LOL He scored a try and kicked a goal too so that was really great!!
Haven't done much else today..came home and slept for a while..muscles are really sore and fatigue is creeping back up with me. I have a roast pork dinner cooking for tea.
I'm hoping to get a layout finished tonight.
I'm really sorry that I couldn't get to Bowral to meet some of the Boxx girls this afternoon but Michael had to work and I couldn't leave the boys with wouldn't wish them on anyone..LOL
Nah..she has exams starting this week so she has been studying really hard..God love her!!
That's about it for today..a bit boring I know but I've had enough curve balls thrown at me lately so that's the way I want it at the moment...BORING..LOL
Have a great weekend.
Sharryn :)
P.S Well I know Souths will get the 2 points this weekend as we have a bye..LOL
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