Friday, March 17, 2006

Well the gecko is still on the loose. Some one told my husband that if we left a plate with a small amount of jam on it the gecko would come to it. Yeah right!! All I managed to catch was a nest of ants!! Idiots!!
Have just come home from indoor cricket..the 3 boys won tonight which was great.
Jye is playing a trial game at Wests stadium tomorrow and he's really excited about it. Will probably be his one and only game this year though as he's coach has decided to train them on a Friday night and he is already committed to indoor. Who coaches a rugby league side on a Friday night before the game???
I was a good girl and attended Mass today up at the school..was a Yr 3 Mass and very nice. Last Friday was Yr 5 up at the church.
I went and bought some book board today to start making the covers for my A-Z album. I have a few ideas in mind and I'm getting excited about it now as I'm near the business end with it...thank God!!! I NEVER, EVER want to see that Scrapography paper again for as long as I live!!
And guess what? This weekend I'm getting broadband!! YEEHAAA!! Can't wait!!
Anyway..will chat later...oh bum..just received an email from Maria at Scrapboxx!! I've just put my first order in this week and some of the stuff isn't it. :(
Oh well...
Take Care
Sharryn :)
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