Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Poor teacher...

This morning I went and seen Jedds teacher about the Maths homework he has to do as it's far too hard for any 6th grader let alone him. I was still quite emotional about yesterday but it had to be done because he, for some reason, thought he was going to be on detention today for not handing part of it in.
Cut a long story short..I ended up having both of us in tears..the teacher and me. LOL
Wasn't funny actually..I felt like an idiot but I just couldn't contain it any longer. She probably thinks I'm a big girl now..LOL I told her I'm not going to stress Jedd or myself out about his homework and I think I'm going to have to get an appointment to have his medication evaluated as he just isn't concentrating at the moment.
I received 2 RAK's yesterday that were a real pick me up (Random Acts of Kindness) from Lauren and someone who hasn't 'fessed up yet from the Boxx. I'm sending 5 RAK's off today to 5 lovely ladies.
Thats about it for today.
Sharryn :)
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