Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Family..really..you just can't pick 'em!!

Well I've received yet another phone call from my mother complaining about the boys (my brothers) who will never learn from their past mistakes even though they are almost 30 respectively!! Their mistakes I might add..aren't just little ones either..they are pretty big ones. But..I really can't sympathise with her because she keeps letting them get away with these things and they walk all over her as they have done since they were small boys. I believe in the motto: You reap what you sow...and believe me...she has never sowed!!
So..the circle of their lives get bigger and bigger until something or someone comes along and stops it..in their case usually a couple of months away in Silverwater resort does the trick..LOL
Oh well...enough of them...I have my own family to look after!
I'm frantically working on my A-Z album at the moment for the FK competition and am only up to N..blame that on a broken wrist and the time I had off scrapping for it to heal..my excuse anyway..LOL
This afternoon the boys have cricket training and then I have a P&F meeting to attend..YEEHAA!!..LOL so am going to be short and sweet here and get my act together with the house work as I want a bit of time to scrap this afternoon.
Catch you all soon.
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Lauren said...

Hi Sharon,

I've joined too come visit me at http://laurenrhodes.blogspot.com/

I love it in here it's whole new world,

Have fun, Lauren xoxo

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