Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boys, boys, boys

Hey folks,
Hope you are well!
What has been happening in your part of the world?
We have been busy, busy, busy as usual in particular with our boys.

One of our sons does Muay Thai and has been training his butt off for his 3rd fight and fighting for his third win in a row.
This happened on May 17th in Marrickville, NSW.

Although his opponent in this promoters Facebook photo pulled out of the fight due to an injury sustained beforehand, Jye was matched up with another opponent for the night. How cool is the promo photo?

I have to say it was an AWESOME night and he took out the WIN by TKO 80 secs into the first round!
Here are a couple of photos I took:

Was the best night and I'm one very proud Muay Thai mum!

In other of our other boys (child number 3) has just turned 21!
I have no idea where the years are going but they are certainly flying past!
We had dinner for him at our local pub on his actual birthday where he was presented with some awesome gifts including this Dodgers baseball top from his girlfriend:

They are both off to the US in two weeks and he was given tickets to a baseball game while over there as well. They are both so excited to be going and have spent the past 12 months saving and planning their trip.

We are having a 21st party for him on Friday night so fingers crossed the weather holds out for us!

Scrapping news....well! If anyone had ever told me scrapbooking could be dangerous I would've thought hmmm...not possible.
That was until Friday night!
Sitting at my desk scrapping away when I dropped a pair of small but very sharp scissors. instead of just letting them drop I went for the catch...unfortunately catching in my hand....palm side up! Although it punctured my hand the cuts weren't deep enough for stitches or anything but my ring finger immediately went numb.
Over the course of the night it swelled and swelled and SWELLED!
So off to the doctor the next morning to find out the cause after a long, painful night of throbbing.
At first he thought there was some nerve damage but x-rays showed that wasn't the case.
It was simply a case of infection so after a tetanus shot and a pack of anti-biotics I was sent home only to have the stupid thing swell even more!
In the end I had to get one of my boys to cut a ring off i've worn on my finger for almost 20 years ;/
Wasn't happy with that but it can be saved...unlike a finger!

So this is the layout I was working on and when I say I put blood, sweat and tears (OK not tears) into this...I really mean it!

I've done this page for this months Scrap The Boys challenge which is to create a GRUNGY/MESSY layout.  Thank goodness for that criteria...made it so much easier to hide the blood spots! LOL

This handsome young man is our youngest son, Jack all dolled up and ready for his Yr 10 Formal last year. The kid definitely has some swag...don't ya think?

That's it for now I'm off to mind my gorgeous little grandson.
Chat again real soon,


Lizzy Hill said...

Hope your finger is slowly settling - that sounds nasty.....& I'll be sure NOT to go for the catch if it happens to me now. YOur lot are a handsome bunch, I must say - lots happening to them all, & all your page. Can't see any blood...a bonus! And yup, he looks VERY 'swag':):)

Rikki Graziani said...

This is a striking layout!!! Thank you for playing along with STB's

Beck Beattie said...

Love the grungy messy take! looks like it HAS been busy at your end, at least you have found time to scrapbook as well xxx

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