Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Home Sweet Home - Upcycled frame

Hey all,
As promised previously, I have a new upcycled project to share.

At the moment I'm totally LOVING burlap. It's just gorgeous and is so versatile.
Burlap banners, burlap flowers..the list is endless and're only limited to your own imagination with what you can create with it.

I've had a frame sitting around for ages trying to decide what I wanted to do with it. I picked it up from an Op Shop for $5- and when I finally decided on it's fate I realised just how old it must be as the whole glass front fell out and smashed everywhere...oops!
Luckily I didn't need the glass ;P

So with my new found love of burlap this is what I made to hang above our fireplace:

Here's how I made it.

Step 1.
Scout around for an old wooden frame from Op Shops. This is my frame as I purchased it. I was lucky it had a nice matting on the inside to frame my burlap and some gorgeous distressing on the wood.

Step 2.
Give your frame a nice whitewash. As my frame already had some awesome distress marks on it I didn't want to overdo the white paint. Once dry, give it a good sand. I sanded mine back to show the distress details.

Step 3.
While the wooden frame is drying, measure the size of the photo windows and cut burlap to fit. Once you've decided what you would like to print on the burlap open a program such as Microsoft Word and fiddle around with your sentiment until you're happy with it taking fonts into consideration of your final project.

Step 4. When you think you have it right do a test printing on normal office paper. Adhere strong double sided tape to the back of a piece of burlap and place it over the sentiment on the office paper ensuring it's sitting over where you want it to print.

Step 5. Run the office paper and the burlap piece through your print. PLEASE ENSURE you have set your printer to the right settings! This is very important!! Not all printers will have the capacity to print on burlap. Please read your printer manual first!

Step 6. Repeat the above printing steps on other pieces of burlap and slip them into your frame as required. Make some pretty burlap flowers with button centres and add other embellishments such as decorative pins. Adhere a cluster of flowers to the bottom right of your frame and one to the top left.

Step 7. Hang your new frame where it can be admired by all!

I'd love to show you the rest of my mantelpiece but there's another project sitting on it I just can't share at the moment. Be sure to come back soon to see!

I'd love to see your burlap creations...simply leave a link to your blog in my comments and I'll pop over for a look!

Sharryn xx

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Lizzy Hill said...

LOVE this. Great tut - brill idea!!!!! No wonder you love burlap:):):)

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