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Time. Something we never have enough of, have no control over, never stops yet seems to stand still at the worst of times AND is the best gift we can give to anyone.

We always wish we had more time. Some even say they wish there was an extra day in the week. A month of Sundays perhaps? 

Time is often taken for granted. We have plenty of time. Unfortunately, some don't. Some will never see another Sunday let alone a month of them.

Time waits for no man. The clock is always ticking. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Why then does it seem to stand still during our worst moments. Hospitals are an example of where time seems to stop. Ironically, hospital rounds are governed strictly by time. 

Making time. An impossibility in theory but something we all need to do for ourselves occasionally.

Managing what precious time we have. Learning to make the most of what time we may have for the things we enjoy in life.

The gift of time. It is a very true and wise saying: 'People gain more from your presence, not your presents'.

Time. What an amazing commodity.

Well I hope I've give you something to think about before you head on over to Sonia's blog.

Time.Something we never have enough of, have no control over, never stops yet seems to stand still at the worst of times AND is the best gift we can give to people.


Marcia said...

I often giggle when I hear people say 'I wish I had more hours in the day' ... especially when I see it written on facebook or blogs .. ironic! And yes you are spot on about how time picks it moments to speed up or slow down, even stand still. I enjoyed reading this, some very poignant statements.

xx Marcia

Chloe :-) said...

Love it, Sharryn. So true that time is the best thing we can give someone sometimes

Sonia said...

Very enjoyable read Sharryn. Very well put!! Slow down speed up, enjoying a slow one today!!

Wendy Smith said...

Terrific review of the meaning of time ... Love it

Ali said...

Oh, very insightful. I'm enjoying my time spent on the blog hop, thanks for sharing you thoughts :)

Kerri said...

True, true, true and TRUE! Thanks for sharing... Love that this hop is giving me some things to ponder over :-)

Karen said...

I think I could do with a lesson on time management he he. Agree that time spent together is very precious and we take it for granted with love ones all the time. Have to remember that it is a gift and not gaurenteed for any lenght of time. TFS xx

Loren said...

Some great thoughts on time, all very true :)

Linda Eggleton said...

Loved reading your thoughts on very true & definitely given us all something to think about!

Kelly L said...

Very cool image and oh so true - time goes by so very quickly.

Mrs Frizz said...

fabbo read Shazza ... I'm pleased that I made time to pop over and catch up.

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