Friday, December 03, 2010

Change, changes everywhere....

Hi all,
I know I've been such a bad blogger but so many things have happened in the past 7 weeks or so it's been mind spinning.
So we've now moved and are (almost) settled into our new house...just a few more boxes to unpack or get rid of and we'll be right. (OMFG if I see another one of these I'm going to cry!!)

So far we're loving it. It's smaller than our last house but I think because the last house had a massive L-shaped lounge/dining room/ family room you could've put us in a mansion and it would feel smaller. We've fit almost everything in so that's the main thing.
This house has such a country kind of feel to it and my furniture looks so much better here than it ever did at the other house and OMG it's so much easier to keep clean. No more carpets!! Yippee...

The move itself was friggen horrific! The crap we had after 10 years of being at the other house and 6 kids was unbelievable! I vow and declare...unless there is bloody good reason, I won't be moving again for another 10 years!!

We had great help but due to us also having cricket all weekend it was a bit harder than usual. Michael still had to play on the Saturday afternoon so most of our unpacking was done during the week. On top of that our bed fell off the truck during the move and instead of buying a new one Michael spent his afternoons rebuilding the old one and it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!

From this:

To this:

Isn't he just the cleverest??

Anyway on to a different subject I so dont like talking about moving...LOL

We now have two young men who have finished school this year which only leaves two at school. Gawd I remember counting the days down till they all started! So we're looking for a mechanics apprenticeship for Jedd at the moment and Nug is having a some time off from just finishing his HSC.

We also now have our big boy Josh back home too :)

Speaking of changes, today marks the day of 1 year of massive changes for us as this is the day we found out I was pregnant. Since then it's just been a massive whirlwind of changes, some bad but most great.

I really don't embrace change very well but in hindsight I can reflect on some things that have happened in the past year and see how they have been for the best. Life really is a funny thing sometimes isn't it?

I've been doing some sewing and made some mobiles for this house and also some Xmas gifts but I can't share them as yet as there are stickybeaks around. ;P

I can share this though, it's a vintage little Xmas tree I made for Handmade magazine for the Country Christmas issue but forgot to send it in...oops.

Made from doilies and fabric stiffener, a gift box that I crackle painted and tied some ribbon around and a painted chipboard star for the top. It's very sweet.

Well that's it from me for now but I'll be back again soon.

Take Care

Shaz xx


Terri C said...

Absolutely LOVE your revamped bed!!!

gumgully said...

Good to see you haven't fallen off the face of the earth :-) We need to catch up luvvy!

Sonia said...

Love the bed revamp, what a clever boy he was.....your so lucky.

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