Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Hi everyone,
Did you all have a nice Mothers Day? I hope you did. :)
We just took the boys down to the local park to ride their scooters and for some lunch.
Jack has croup at the moment so I'm a bit wary about taking him too far with the weather changing all the time as it has been lately. Jayden has the flu too so he didn't feel like doing too much either.

Saturday my father gave me my birthday money early (woot woot!!) so I took myself scrap shopping. I went to one of my LSS who I hadn't been to for ages and wow...I had so much fun. I really haven't done that for ages. I bought lots of papers...mostly vintage as I love anything and everything vintage. Can't wait to have a play with it.

As I've mentioned I've done some designing for the lovely Kris Pace from Paper Inklings. I just love the AWESOME BOY range as it's grungy and bright and suits my boys perfectly. I had a ball grunging up the chipboard title with inks and paints too.
Here's a layout I did with the range:

And an acrylic album I made for Jedd as his prize posession at the moment is his scooter:

Speaking of Jedd and his scooter, he had a stack and a half last night and fell, hitting the side of his eye on his friends scooter. He is very lucky it didn't hit his eye. Here's some pics that don't really do the size of the lump justice as I was trying to keep the flash out of his eyes...hehehe

So as you can imagine the poor kid has a pretty big black eye this morning. ;(

Well that's it for another post...have a great week and we'll chat again soon.

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