Monday, February 08, 2010

Farewell old life...hello new!

Hi all,
Hope you are all well.
Lots of changes around, some good...some not so good.
First of all,it is with a very sad heart that I say farewell to working on the team at SBM. It was a huge decision to make and one that took a lot of soul searching but in the end I decided I couldn't give myself or my family 100% let alone Kristy and Cass. Those two girls totally deserve the very best and unfortunately I felt I just couldn't give it. I miss them and Express so much that it hurts but at the end of the day I know I've made the right decision for everyone.
I also wish Sherry Mendoza all the very best in her new role as technical editor for the mag and I just know she will be wonderful for the position. So please make Sherry feel as welcome as you made me when I first started. :)

Jack has started high school! He is absolutely LOVING it and I hope he keeps loving it for the next 5 years...
Here he is all ready for Yr 7.

We now have the four youngest in high school, no more primary school. Woot woot! What an achievement...
I took this photo the day they all went back together and did the usual tallest to shortest however this time Jedd has shot up over Jayden even though they are 2 years apart. He's going to be a unit and a half this boy of mine!!

We are also excited that Rhiannon is moving back to Sydney to finish her studies. She is moving to Leichardt just as soon as she gets a position up here with work. She recently went on a 10 day cruise to Noumea, Vila etc and loved it...lucky girl.

I've been a little creative lately, it's kept my mind off a lot.
I haven't taken photos of the most recent BTP I've made but I have a couple of things to share that I haven't already.
Does anyone remember this stack of fabric from way back?

Well I'm happy to report that I finished my first every quilt! I finished it last year, all quilted and bound by moi. It's only a lap size quilt but I love it to death and it now sits on the back of our lounge.

I'm so addicted to sewing at the moment and having fun with fabric.
I also attended a Retreat last August and actually scrapped! Here's a few layouts I managed to get done.
This one is a pic of my gorgeous friend Cathy and I that was taken on a night out for primary school mothers.

This is Jack on his twelth birthday.

Another one of Jack when he dressed up as a cowboy for a school book week day last year (or the year before). When I printed these photos out Michael said 'I have a title for that layout. Brokeback Mountain'...LOL Shhh...don't tell Jack.

Last but not least is a layout I did with a photo of Michael and I. Awwww...

That's all I have at the moment but stay tuned there will be more as I get some sewing done.

Can I just say one more time, thank you all so much for your kind words, prayers and support during our recent difficult time. I appreciated it all so much.
I'm happy to say though that I'm feeling better and getting stronger every day.
And for those that know me well and know what I really want to do with my life...I made enquiries this morning. Let's just say that in the very near future I'll be swapping my paper, scissors and craft mat for a bottle of formaldehyde and a make-up kit. :P

Stay safe


Tracey said...

Sad to see you leave SBM Sharryn but I know you will be doing what you think best for you and your family. Sometimes we have to leave something we love behind to complete a part of ourselves! Best of luck with whatever you choose to do in the future. I know you will find success wherever you go.

I love the quilt you made. The colours are divine. There is something very therapeutic about making a

Love all the layouts you have posted. Gorgeous work :)

Amie said...

Hey Sharryn, Love Love Love your quilt. I plan on making one this year too. Your LO's look great.
Chat soon
Amie xx


love all the pages sharryn.. will miss your wonderful happy emails.. lol.. all the best with your endeavours........

Inkredible Stamps & Scrapbooks said...

Love your layouts! Tamara

Monica said...

It's sad to see you leave SM Sharryn, but wonderful to know you will be able to spend more time with your family :0)
All the best for the future.
Loving your layouts too, hopefully we will see more of them ;0)

Anonymous said...

love your quilt my sweet...the colours are gorgeous...aren't they just the best things to sit and snuggle with on the couch!...fabric beats paper hands down, paper's just more instant in it's gratification ;) looking forward to seeing what else you have been stitching...have a fabulous weekend, Tatum xx

Sherry's Creations said...

Hey Shaz... I just read this...thanks so much for your support it means heaps to me! Love you quilt it is so gorgeous...and hope to catch up soon.


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