Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hey hey :)
Oh dear...where has the time gone this time? I've been the slackest blogger EVER!!
So where have I been? Just caught up in the web of life basically. Been so, so busy lately organising the cricket clubs presentation day which was on Sunday (thank God thats over!!)
It's such a huge job and one that I really love however the time has come for me to call it a day. Our junior club is merging with the seniors next month so once the AGM is over that'll be it for me. I've decided that I need more 'me' time to spend with my family or just chill, create, scrap...whatever the case I'm a bit over coming home from work and having to wade through at least an hours worth of emails, constant meetings and basically just the whole scene.
Running on adrenalin 24/7 just ain't a good thing...doesn't my poor 'ol body know that right now!!
Enough whinging...heres some pics of the trophies etc I took. (Just looking at them now makes me shudder...LOL)

I hope you all had a fabbo Easter! It seems so long ago now doesn't it? We spent Easter at my fathers down the south coast and had a lovely (but very brief) time.
Michael and the boys spent the majority of the time fishing out on the lake in the canoe however I chose to spend the time lying in a hammock knitting...LOL
I also decided to have a bit of a photography session with the local nature and I'm really pleased with some of the pics I got.
Heres' a couple I took:

The channel has closed between the ocean and the Tuross lake and this family of dolphins have been caught in the lake. They are quite famous actually, been all the major newspapers. They don't mind coming to the surface and showing off in front of the tourists but the cheeky buggers won't come all the way out so you only manage to catch their fins. Oh least I got this I guess.
Michael and I got up early on the Saturday morning and went down to One Tree Point so I could get some pics of the sunrise. I'm so not a morning person and as sad as this may sound I think this is the very first sunrise I've seen that I've appreciated anyway. Not counting the ones back in the day staggering home from Sweethearts nightclub...PMSL So it was really worth getting up early for.
The photo above was just me playing with depth of field etc while watching the boys fish off the wharf. Love the pic though. :)

This last photo I captured on the afternoon we got there when Michael, my father and the boys took the canoe out for a late afternoon run on the lake. I love their silhouettes and the sparkling water and I really love how this is the actual hasn't been touched at all in PS. :)

Rhiannon turned 20 on Monday! OMG how old does that make me? LOL
She came up from Canberra on the weekend and we had a lovely dinner on Saturday night for her. Poor thing had a Uni exam on her birthday though...LOL

This afternoon we had Jack's high school interview for next year. I can't believe my baby, my last child is starting high school next year!! He is such an awesome kid, personality plus and I am so very proud of him. Did I tell you he made colour captain at school this year? Well he did. :)
We also changed his soccer club this year and he has made the Division One side. It's a fabbo club and the 2 coaches are fabulous!!

On the creative front...haven't had a lot of time to play but have rediscovered my love of ATC's. I've only just discovered Swap Bot...(yeah I know...deprived aren't I??) so I've joined a couple of swaps and so far have been having a ball with that.

Have only got a pic of this one I sent the other day to share but will be taking pics of others tomorrow.
This was an 'anything goes' swap so the theme could be whatever you please. I read my partners profile and she likes dark purple and green combos and birds were on her list so I made this for her. Hope she likes it :)

Another really cute thing I've discovered thanks to Swap bot is Dotee dolls. How sweet are they?
I made my very first one and love it!
Will be making more of these for sure. :) I just might even join a Dotee swap...LOL

On the scrapping side I just haven't been very eventful. I've found that dragging everything out for a layout hasn't been very fruitful hence the ATC's.
Here are a couple of shares though that I've done since my last blog post.

Well thats about it for me. I'm off to create some more ATC's and send them off around the much fun :)
Have an awesome Mothers Day everyone and I hope you all get totally spoilt and have the best day EVER!!

Take care and chat again soon xx


Liz said...

What amazing photos. I look forward to checking out the rest of your post.

Take care

Susan said...

I love the bird photos- those are wonderful. This is pinkqueen from swap-bot. I can't wait to read more of your blog. Thanks for sharing it with me.

heather said...

Love the photos of the birds!

spirit from swap-bot

Julie said...

love the photos sharyn they look g reat as do your projects.

Alison Hamilton said...

Hi - this is Ellabellaboo - another Swapbotter! I love your blog - what an amazing family. You must be sooo proud. My family is very new - my daughters are 2 1/2 and 3's an amazing experience. I also love your nature photos - you live in such a fantastic place!
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog! I'm one of your "swappers". I've added you to my google reader and can't wait to see more :)

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