Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Week 4 of 52

Hey all :)
Hope your week is going well...just think tomorrow is HUMP DAY so only 2 more days till the weekend.
Just a quick post to share my Week 4 of Project 365:

Jan 22 - Back to school shopping (OMG I HATE this)
Jan 23 - Jayden chilling with his laptop and rorting my Internet!!
Jan 24 - NSW Speedblitz Blues win the KFC 20/20 comp...oh what a night!!
Jan 25 - Grandy's backyard just before the kids trash it...LOL
Jan 26 - The pav I made for Australia Day...yummmmmmmmm
Jan 27 - Jacks face!! He had Australia Day tattoos on his face and decided he didn't want them anymore so scrubbed them off that hard he took the top layer of skin off his cheeks!
Jan 28 - Jack goes back to school. Can't believe he is in Yr 6!!

I have also finished a layout during the week. I'm into hybrid scrapping at the moment and just LOVING it!! These are some pics of Jack taken on Jyes birthday (27th Dec) down at Bulli beach.

Well thats it...like I said..quick post.
Have a fabbo end of week :)
Stay safe

1 comment:

Sonia said...

Poor Jack, his face - next time Baby oil removes them painlessly.

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