Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hi ho hi ho...its back to work we go...

Well we're into the first week of 2009 and that means back to work for most of us (don't groan!!)

Mind you if this past week is anything to go by then I'm in for one hell of a ride! NOT!!
While Geocaching with Jye the other day I found the cache which was under a wooden bridge and in my excitement to be the 'finder' I smashed my head into the pylon holding up the bridge and thought it was New Years Eve again!

Tuesday morning came and I was all set to go back to work, Xmas pressies in tow as I fell ill and didn't work my last day. I straightened my hair for the big day back and somehow managed to clip my arm in the tongs of the straightener and burnt the soft side of my wrist...LOL

Got to work, took the pressies out of the car and dropped my Secret Santa gift! Smashed the bloody thing to smithereens!! Far out! I'd done so well keeping the boys away from it too as the glass jar ornament had chocolate balls in it. :(
So I wandered in to work with my rather forlorn looking gift and handed it over with the message: Warning - may contain traces of glass. :(
Lucky she was very understanding...sorry Cass. At least the Santa didn't break though :)

This year I've decided to take on the Project 365 challenge however I'm not sure how I'll go.
I've completed the first week though so thats one down...51 to go.
For those of you who don't know what Project 365 is, it's a challenge where you take a photo a day to record your year. Kind of like keeping a diary but with photos.

Heres our first week:

Jan 1 - Jack swimming in Grandys pool where we spent the best part of New Years Day.
Jan 2 - Making the trek to Pop's house, a 5 hour drive.
Jan 3 - Jayden and I spent the best part of the day walking around Tuross.
Jan 4 - Canoeing and fishing on the Tuross River.
Jan 5 - Saying goodbye to Pop, not a long stay this time as Jye had cricket commitments.
Jan 6 - Michael and Jye go to the SCG for the 4th day of the 3rd Test. (Dougie Bollinger took his first Test wicket...WOOHOO!!)
Jan 7 - Trip to the hairdressers for Michael and the boys for haircuts.
So a week filled with fun for all. :)

We had a great time in Tuross even though it was only a short stay. Most of the time was spent by Michael and the boys canoeing and fishing and OMG I finally went in the canoe! I haven't been in once for about 7 years since Michael tipped one (he still reckons it was on purpose) and we all ended up in the Gerroa creek. I thought I was going to have a heart attack then and there!! I absolutely HATE not being able to see the bottom of the water and if it touches my feet OMFG look out!
I was promised this time around that he wouldn't tip the canoe so I got in, with my Canon can you believe it, and it actually wasn't so bad until we were grounded on a sand bar and there was no way known I was getting out and Michael had to drag the canoe back into the water with my fat ass still in it!

Sunday we head off to Orange for a cricket carnival for Jye. How exotic! LOL
I'm actually looking forward to it as we really had a great time last time we went away with the guys from cricket.

I haven't done anymore scrapping except this one for ASJ. Oh I finished one last night but haven't taken a pic of it yet.

OK well thats it from me for now. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

S xx


Sonia said...

tag you it

Michelle W said...

Busy Busy Busy !!!
And sorry, but LMAO at your "may contain traces of glass" comment !!!
Enjoy your week in Orange...


Kathleen said...

Oh no! Lol - ah well, the year can only get better surely??

Love the LO, the felt is gorgeous :)


Amie said...

You crack me up..... I love reading what you have been up too.

Louise said...

Ditto what Amie said!!!!

And thank U big time for Rocking the Jack!!!

Lou :)x

Michelle W said...

Tagged again !!!
See my blog Sharryn !!!


Sonia said...

Tag your it again....

Mardi said...

Holy moly...your kids have all grown up SO much...gorgeous kids.. Heres to a fabulous 2009...
Mardi x

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