Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cyber crop news and my past week!

Hey all,
Trust you are all well. :)
We've had some killer storms here last week and my modem is playing up big time because of it!! Grrrrrrrrr...
Last Wednesday I thought I'd go get the boys (the 2 from primary school) early seeing as the Principal lets them out early when big storms are approaching.
So I get there and we're walking up the path to the carpark when the guy in front of me collapsed!
This poor guy, a couple of years ago, stopped to help people in a car accident I think near Liverpool, when a car or truck or something approached him and he jumped a barrier or something to safety and fell between 2 bridges. Not sure of the whole story but he suffered horrific injuries, losing a leg for his trouble and God knows what else. He has his arm in a permanent cast of sorts also.
He has a son in Kindy, a 3 month of daughter and also picks up his 11 yr old nephew from school.
So my Rhiannon grabbed the kids he had and put them in their car, I called for an ambulance, one of the fathers drove his car down to put the guy in seeing as it was about to piss down with rain any second...OMFG...what a nightmare!
The storm was approaching fast and the sky went this eerie dark green colour in a matter of seconds.
The poor baby was screaming and I could see she had wind so I got her out of her baby seat and burped her...copping baby spew..ewwwwwww..all over me..LOL Haven't had that happen for a while!!
His wife turned up just before the ambos and she is such a sweet lady. They took him away in the ambulance but thankfully he was OK. Aparently he'd felt something snap in his back but it wasn't anything too sinister. :)
The wife thanked me profusely the next morning but I told her it was something anyone would've done in that circumstance. You'd think.
God love them...something good must be coming to that family real soon.
From there I left to go up to the high school to get my other 2 boys but it had just started raining and driving from the primary school I couldn't see anything! Pretty scary really but I was determined to get there 'cos I thought Jedd would be having a meltdown in the storm. Ever since I've had kids at the high school they've never taken them in from the rain in the afternoon and I was peaking out big time.
I ended up taking the other 2 home first then me and Rhiannon tried to get to the high school but the heavy rains had caused flash flooding and I couldn't get there.
By this time I was really freaking and I managed to make it home back through the floods. The bloody van wouldn't go properly one minute, then the brakes wouldn't work 'cos they were full of water..OMG! Rhiannon was trying to ring Michael at home and we couldn't get phone reception. It was a bloody awful feeling of helplessness.
We finally got home and Michael, thank goodness, had his work truck here so he drove up and got they boys in that. Thankfully the teachers had been warned of the storm approaching and had ushered all the kids into the hall.
While I'd been gone though Michael got some pics of the reserve that backs on to us. In heavy, and I mean heavy, storms the reserve turns into a run off area for the water to flow down into the storm drains. Never, ever, in the whole time we've lived here have I ever seen anything like these storms. The water was flowing so strong, it carried down prams, old lawn mowers people had obviously dumped up the top of the reserve in the bush, even a shopping trolley floated past!!! This is a pic of the 'river' we now had behind the house in full flow.

This is after the storm had settled and the rain had finally stopped. You can see where the pram was in the first pic and how high up the gulley the water was.

Our front yard was a disaster area. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac that slopes downwards. I felt like Shrek stuck in the friggen swamp mate...mud everywhere I looked. And with 8 people trudging in and out..let me tell you...not good. Our garage absolutely flooded and we lost some of Michaels' stuff.
Then on the Thursday afternoon we copped it again!! I couldn't believe it. This time it hailed!!
I know theres a drought and everything but fair dinkum...if I don't see rain for the rest of the year I couldn't be happier. If I could have sent it to the guys that need it on the farms then I would've.
Yesterday we decided to take the boys down to the property at Bungonia for some dune buggy riding. It had been raining down there and the dams were full so, boys being boys, they made full use of that!! Let me just say the dune buggy will never look the same again..LOL Of course I did the 'Oh boys don't get dirty' thing...then I thought..bugger only live once so off in the buggy I went. It was so fun but OMG you should've seen us by the end of the day!! Heres a few pics of the day:

How much fun does that look?? LOL
Also this past 2 gorgeous older kids both got new jobs. :)
As most of you know, Josh is a chef. The place that he works at now is closing down for renovations so he applied at City Tattersalls' Club and got it! They trialled him last week and he said it's really going to be an experience. There are 30 chefs altogether working there and it's quite la di da. He thought Centennial Park where he is now was posho until he found this place. Great experience for him though.
My girl has been wanting a change for a long time now and seeing as she can't start Nursing till September she put her name down at an agency in the City. They rang her last week and they've placed her in at Central at Australia Post in the passport section. She starts tomorrow and is quite excited about it. So good luck to both my 'big' babies!
On to scrapping news: Please kep this weekend free - 23rd, 24th, 25th of March for an AWESOME cyber crop!!

 Scrap ‘N’ Crazy Cyber Crop – March 23rd, 24th & 25th - See you there!

You can win a lucky door prize just for signing up to the forum before the 10th of March! How cool is that?
Over the weekend there will be heaps of challenges, bingo games, treasure hunts..even a make and take!
So head on over to and take a look! Don't forget to sign up before the 10th of March to be in the running for the lucky door prize!
We are really excited about this CC and all looking forward to it.
There are great prizes on offer so do yourself a favour and enter.
Looking forward to seeing you there. :)
Thats it for me for today.
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Jo Hutchison said...

Holy Moly, that was certainly a hell of a lot of water. Glad to see that you got home safely. Congratulations to Josh and Rhiannon on getting new jobs, you must be so proud.


Anonymous said...

buggy + mud, looks like so much fun.
Congrats on getting on a DT.
I ove your work

Mardi said...

Ohh poo...blogger ate my reply...but I said something about that huge amont of rain...Wow!

...and congratulations on your two kids getting new jobs...that is awesome news...

Mardi xx

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

LOL @ you copping baby spew all over you.....ewwwwwww. Aren't you a good women to help others in need and then get this!

I hope that guy is OK. Sounds like he has been through a really rough time lately.

I can relate to your feeling of helplessness re that afternoon when the storm hit. It started raining here just 10 mins before I was meant to leave home to get my daughter at school. We don't have a car so we walk everyday to and from school.

I was feeling a bit scared walking from home to school when it was thundering and raining so heavily. Thank goodness another parent drove us home later on so we didn't get soaked.

LOL at your comment about feeling like Shrek stuck in the friggen swamp. Oh dear!

Sorry to read your garage got flooded. I hope your house insurance covers the loses and damage.

Cool job for Josh at City Tatts Club. That's wonderful. When I used to work in the city I had lunch there often, it's a very nice place. I hope he really enjoys being there and learns a lot.

Wishing all the best to Rhiannon for her new job as well. It's good for them to keep busy and have some $$ at their age isn't it. I hope she enjoys nursing when she finally starts. What a well choosen career:)

I will come and check out your new place of work. Cyber crops can be so much fun. Have a great day and keep smiling Sharryn xxoo

Julie said...

Well looka here...turn my back & then u decide to nahhh FINALLY!
WTG Jye! I would be stoked too.Good to see everyone made it home safe & sound...That's a whole lotta water!
looks like they had a totaly ball in the mud.
Hey congrat's to Josh & Rihannon on their new job's.
Have a good week

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