Sunday, March 25, 2007

Broken arms everywhere!

Hi all,
Heres trusting you all had a better weekend than me...grrrrrrrr!!
OMFG...I had it all planned nicely.
The Scrapncrazy cyber crop was planned for this weekend and seeing as I was going to be spending the whole weekend on my beloved 'puter, Michael decided to take the boys dune buggy riding for the night.
I even got out of going to Indoor cricket on Friday night when the challenge was starting, in exchange for taking Jack to soccer Saturday morning so Michael could get things ready.
Everything had worked perfectly up till this point.
They all left, Rhiannon went shopping, Josh was at work and I was happily chatting away when the phone rang.
Back in October last year Josh had an accident which was his fault. He nicked the back of the car in front of him and he obviously had to pay for the damage. As it was just over $1000- the guy that owned the car agreed to let him pay it off, rather than make him claim on his insurance as the damage wasn't that bad and the car still driveable. Actually, the guy told me back then that he'd pay to get the car fixed and Josh could just pay him back $50- a week.
Cool by everyone. I bought a receipt book and each week when Aaron, the other car owner, was in the area, he'd drop in for his money and I'd write it in the book.
This guy, I thought, had been very reasonable about the whole thing and I'd even stand out the front and have a chat to him when he came.
However, he mentioned to me a fortnight ago that he was rejoining the army. Whatever I thought.
Turns out he must've been worried about moving away and not getting the rest of his money which would be all of about $300-. So he rang here yesterday and asked for Josh who was at work. He got the shits 'cos he said he's always at work and I was like...well yeah..he's a chef..thats what chefs do. They work odd hours!
So he says in his most polite voice..'Well I don't mean to be disrespectful to you..but I'm coming around tomorrow to get the rest of my money and if it's not there I'll break your fucken arms'. WTF!! Ummmmmmm...OK then..NOT!!
That first conversation turned into a fully fledged blue over the phone 'cos there was no way I was taking his crap!
So I told him in no uncertain terms to kindly fuck off and hung up on him.
I sat there contemplating the turn of events, with my hands shaking and sweating and my pulse rate racing faster than friggen Pharlap. what do I do? Michael has gone away and I'm home alone.
Then the anger set in. How dare that asshole ring here and threaten me the filthy maggot!!
OMFG....I went ballistic! After messaging Josh to tell him what happened, I rang the police and told them what had happened and the copper was trying to calm me down. By this time I was absolutely feral!
He promised to send a car around ASAP.
In the meantime, I was sitting here sweating on this bastard to drive down my street.
Phones were ringing left, right and centre..Josh was ringing me to find out what happened and I was trying to get the other bastard back on his was crazy.
Josh is like..calm down you'll have a heart attack..LOL
I managed to get the assholes girlfriend on the phone as I've only ever had her mobile number 'cos she was the one driving at the time of the prang.
I told her to tell that asshole to ring me now.
He rang about 2 secs later and OMFG..did I give it to him!
Well where are you Rambo? I was screaming at him....I'm out the front waiting for you..where are you? Come now I fucken dare you, I was saying!
By this time Josh had apparently told him I'd rang the police and he was shitting himself saying I had it all wrong and he didn't say that etc etc...mind you he didn't get a chance to get much of a word in at all.
The police turned up and rang him and told him to pull his head in and to keep his mouth shut otherwise they'd charge him with harrassment and he'd never get back in the Army.
Mate..I refuse to be intimidated by an asshole wannabe Rambo who thinks he can ring here and threaten a woman, thinking he's going to get away with it, thinking I'd be scared into paying up the rest of the money.
No friggen way! In the end he apologised to the cops and told them that there was no way he was coming around here near me anymore to get any money..LOL which sat fine with me. He will now have to wait till I go shopping to bank his money but bugger...I forgot to mention I only go about once a month! Oops!!
That'll teach him to pick on a poor, unsuspecting person like little 'ol me won't it???
Then this morning I got up to overseer my challenge at the CC all excited. Half an hour into it, Michael was on the phone. Where they go they have no phone reception so he'd had to drive 1/4 of the way home before he could ring me. I'm going straight to Campbelltown hospital he tells me..Jye has rolled the dune buggy and I think he's broken his arm. No bloody wonder a woman is on Valium!!
The hands start skaing and sweating again with that all too familiar feeling of anxiety.
So I got dressed and sat here waiting for them to reach home.
Turns out Michael had neglected to tell me about the grazes Jye had on his arm and his back and his hip. Turns out he also neglected to tell me he wasn't wearing the seatbelt nor wearing his helmet! males actually think? they?
The diagnosis on his arm was that they suspect a chipped bone, they'll get the specialist to have another look at the x-ray tomorrow, but because of the bad grazes they didn't want to plaster it. Remember this time last year when he broke his arm playing footy and the hospital said's not broken..then rang me 2 days later to say oh could you bring him back...his arm is broken! OMFG...God give me strength.
Needless to say, I no longer feel like scrapping. I bought the Make & Take from Chelle that I was so looking forward to doing, right before I was rudely interrupted by Rambo!
So thats sitting there unfinished along with another LO I started for one of the challenges.
But's all good. I didn't get broken arms and at this would seem that neither did Jye!! Ya gotta be happy with that. :)
I did manage to get some LO's done but I'll share with you next time as I have to get dinner organised. (I sent Michael up to get something 'easy' for tea. Yep..he brought back a roast pork!!)
Chat soon


gailw said...

OMFG Sharryn....just read your blog. I can't stop myself from thinking, "OMFG!" I knew when you weren't around in the CC that something serious must have happened, but not twice.....

Hoping DS's arm isn't broken hey...


PS by the way, loved the CC

Mardi said...

Far out!!!
Are you sure you never cleaned up a Chinaman....or drove your car into a mirror warehouse?? much crap can one person get....I am never complaining about Mr 18 again...

Gee...I hope its not broken this time...
Mardi x

Lisa Harman said...

Oh Sharryn, you poor darl.. I tell ya men are the worst thing God ever made..

I am glad that you went to bed after we spoke and woke with no broken arms.. what a tosser..

Hopefully everything will work out with Jay and all will be right.

Take care darl and there is always the next cc..

Julie said...

PMSL @ that guy....& as u said ahhh well serves himself right...picking on he didn't know what he was in
Hope everything's worked out with Jye!
& No males don't own the logical gene...I'm positive!

Chelle said...

I couldn't help but have a little laugh while reading the part about the idiot making the threats. I know it's not funny But YKWIM.

Not been a good few days for ya. Hoping the Computer problem gets fixed for ya soon

smiles1965 said...

I bet that Rambo wannabe got the fright of his life once he found out you called the cops and were not going to be pushed

I love your comment "OMFG...God give me strength" Couldn't have said it better myself.

I hope your sons injuries heal up easily and quickly. Naughty boy not wearing this belt and helmet!

I hope this week is much calmer, happier and easier for you Sharryn xxoo

From Susan@Scrapboxx

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