Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Out of the closet

Well...where do I start??
It's been so long since I've blogged. Too long.
Firstly, I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone who has either left a comment here, emailed me or PM'd me with well wishes and kind thoughts.
You truly are special, wonderful women.
I often wonder why it is that my online scrapping buddies are so warm and considerate when most of the people I have day to day dealings with I really don't give a second thought to??
So much has happened since my last post and I'm happy to say there have been some wonderful changes in my life.
Last Wednesday I took Jye down the south coast to trial for a PSSA cricket team. There were about 60-70 kids there from the whole Wollongong Diocese (thats all the Representative cricket players from all the Catholic schools in the Wollongong district)....and I'm happy to say he made it!! Woo hoo!! They only chose 8 kids and 1 shadow (a reserve) and my little Aussie cricketer made the first selections! I was so proud of him!
Next Wednesday he will trial with those 8 kids against kids from the Diocese of Sydney and Parramatta in the same type of selections. I think from those 3 Dioceses they choose 12 players and those 12 will trial again to make the NSW PSSA cricket team. It's a very hard selection process and even just to make that first 8 is a massive achievement. So well done my boy!
This time last year the boys' cricket club held their AGM and I was going to run for an executive position but decided against it as I'm already on both the primary school and the high schools' committees. Instead I opted for Trivia Night organiser.
This involved pounding the pavement and getting donations from the local community, organising the hall, getting the trivia questions ready, collating the prizes that I had to give away etc etc etc.
It was a massive job and one that I must admit a couple of weeks ago I was shitting myself about when I could hardly cook dinner unsupervised let alone organise a night like this!
Well I'm happy to say that I pulled myself together in time and last Friday night it turned out to be one of the best trivia nights the club has seen..LOL
I managed to get around $1500- worth of donations given by so many different shops. I have pics of what I scored and will resize and upload them soon. It really did take the focus off other 'issues' that I had and probably saved me from the 'nuthouse'!!
What else...oh...darling son Joshua burnt himself pretty badly at work a couple of weeks ago. He was changing the oil trays for the next day when he dropped one and the hot oil spilt all over his leg and foot. Lucky he was wearing his chefs' clogs instead of his chefs' boots as they are easier to kick off and get their socks off quicker.
Getting a phone call from Josh saying 'Oh can you come and get me 'cos I've burnt myself and I can't walk to the station' means OMFG...drive as fast as you can into the city 'cos Josh is going to spend the next few weeks in the Burns Unit!! He really has a majorly high pain threshold but thankfully the burns weren't that bad that the hospital sent him home with strict instructions to get it dressed every day for just over a week. Then again...Campbelltown hospital only sends you home in body bags these days!!
So Joshs' burns have now healed, he no longer has to have them dressed.
He is going for a trial tomorrow at a la-di-da place in the city so good luck my baby..I know you'll dazzle 'em!!
On to scrapbooking. I had another acceptance last week from SM! Josh turned 20 on Valentines' Day so I made him a layout with pics from birth till now. It was that one that got picked up. I haven't done that many 'now' LO's of Josh as he is 'far too cool' now to let me get many pics but he always complains that I don't scrap any LO's of him! WTF?? When I told him that LO was picked up by a mag he was quite chuffed.
The big news in my scrapbooking world however...is I'm now on a DT!! WOO HOO!! Can you believe it? I hardly can myself!! It's for a gorgeous forum, run by a gorgeous girl and I'm sharing the DT honours with none other than the gorgeous Dee!! Couldn't get much bettr than that! There is another lovely girl also on the DT named Penny.
It's a small forum for now but I'm sure in time will grow due to the commitment and hard work of it's Admin.
Please come over and say hi...

We have already started weekly challenges and Chelle...Boss Lady over there..has some great prizes up for grabs.
I can't wait to receive my very first DT pack which was sent today. :)
Thats it for me for now.
I will update the other blog tomorrow...I promise. Actually, tomorrow is my first appointment with the 'nut doctor' as I affectionately call her so I'll see how I feel.
I will get around to everyones blogs eventually.
I'm sorry for being so slack lately but you all know where I've been and coming back is one day at a time...even now. It's a long, hard road.
Take Care


Jodie said...

Shaz im just so glad to see your feeling better mate and that things are looking brighter, you should be so proud of yourself for accomplishing so much personally and by the sounds of it professionally, see you are a strong one.

DT hey, thats friggin awesome news good on you matey, just goes to show your LO's do ROCK!!!

Thank god Josh's burns have healed good.

WOW!!! you must be so proud of Jye he's going great guns with cricket, good on him.

anyway matey glad to hear things are good so keep up the great work and take care.

Love Jodes

deirdre said...

I am so chuffed to be part of the DT with you my girl, how much fun is this going to be?!
Knew that LO would get picked up!
Glad that you are feeling heaps better and that your trivia night was a big sucess!
Just proves that you CAN do anything you set your mind to!

Jo Hutchison said...

Congratulations on gaining a DT position. I am so pleased you have returned to blogging, was getting a bit worried but didn't know how to contact you.

Can't wait to see your layouts for the DT.

Joanne (scrapgirl)

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