Sunday, April 09, 2006

OK..where do I start?? Jye makes the Indoor Rep. team and thus cements his decision to let footy go right? WRONG!!
Sitting at the footy on Sat. morning watching Jack..Jye turns to me and says that he really wants to play footy.
Bad luck I say 'cos I've just rang your coach and the secretary of the club last night to let them know you definately won't be playing footy!
I did, however, say that I would take you to where your team was playing so you could tell them good luck and that you wouldn't be playing with them. This is where the fun starts!!
Both the coaches..of the A and the B side jumped on the bandwagon..along with the secretary and every other Tom, Dick and Harry..obviously a g-up!!
So it's MY fault that he's not playing apparently..and it's just not acceptable and there must be some way around it!!
Cut a long story short..Jye is NOW playing footy..but he doesn't even have to go to training!! Apparently, it's a shame to not let him play 'cos he is so talented etc etc etc...and the club doesn't want to let him go!! all fairness to the other kids on the team..who will be attending BOTH training nights..Jye will start on the bench every Sat. morning..I'd say for all of 5 minutes..until he's then let on the field!! What the??
Oh well..I suppose he's playing and if he is happy with that..then so be it. I just can't believe how it has all turned out.
Yesterday there was a skate competition at the local skate park so Michael and I took the boys dwn to watch seeing as Jedd is really into all the skate stuff at the moment. Must admit, I don't mind watching the kids down there skate either..LOL. It was quite good actually. Then, of course, the boys wanted to go back there this morning so I thought OK..good photo opportunity seeing as I'm now doing the Scrapboxx photography course..LOL. Well you wouldn't read about it..the batteries in my camera died..3 shots in to the shoot..grrrrr.
'Cos I've been feeling so tired lately I came home and we had lunch and I sat here and digi scrapped all arvo..LOL. Actually had a friend send me some pics of her son to digi scrap so I did those. Then done a LO of her husband and his 4wd from when we went out the other day. Played around with some brushes and stamps in Photoshop with a pic of Rhiannon and really like the look so I saved it..LOL
Will upload the 3 of them now.
Hope you all had a good weekend.
Take care

Credits for: I'm a Big Kid Now
Kit: November Secrets by Melany Violette
Stitching, corner stamp and word art by Angie Briggs.
Laced eyelets by: Rina
Stone Alphabet by: Karin McCombes
Block alphabet by: Amy Edwards
Monogram created by me.
Program used: Adobe Photoshop

Credits for: Princess for a Day
Stamps by: Angie Briggs
Flower and brad by: Elizabeth McFarlane
Font: Brock Script
Program: Adobe Photoshop

Credits for: Boyz and their Toyz
Papers and elements from: Kit: My Dad, My Hero by Rina
Program: Adobe Photoshop

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