Thursday, March 09, 2006

Whew...what a week!!

Sorry I haven't been blogging..LOL..had a stomach bug or something that knocked me for a six..only came good today.
Just in time to spend the day up at the school tomorrow to help with a luncheon..that'd be right!!
Have just figured out something while working with Jedd on his homework that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at. He was working out his sums and for the life of him couldn't get the last (right) column right..but everything else seemed OK. After some hair pulling and a lot of frustration I've finally worked out what he is doing wrong. Say the answer was $17-81..his answer would be $17-80...well he's been rounding the figures down as there is no such thing as 1 cent he says!! OMG!!
So how do I explain to him that are right..but not this time? It's so confusing to me let alone him when he's mind thinks like it does.
I can't understand why the school hasn't picked that up but I'll certainly be bringing it to the teachers attention tomorrow. He seems to also be having problems with the numbers 9 and 7 for some reason so I'll bring that up too.
Makes me so anxious and sad for him..knowing that he is going into Yr 7 next year. How is he going to cope with High School?
I've actually just joined an Aspergers Support Group that is being run by a special needs teacher that has a lot to do with the High School so hopefully I should gain a bit from that.
Anyway...that's about all that's happened this week. a nice surprise when my 88yr old grandfather turned up yesterday for a cuppa..God love him.
Not under nice conditions though..turns out my mother had rung him the night before and asked him to go and get smokes for my brother in hospital and bring them out to him. Hello??? It's at least a 25k trip just he had to walk up the road to get them which is no short stroll for anyone let alone an 88yr old!!
As it turned out..Ray (my brother) already had a packet!!!
Makes my blood boil..the lot of them. :(
That's it for now..dinners ready.. BBQ tonight!
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