Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sooooooo tired

LOL..Well my 8yr old son didn't get home till almost 1.00a.m this morning the little stop-out!! He had an absolute ball at the wrestling..the lucky duck!!
All I've done today is housework as I've been so busy this week running the kids around. I feel like I haven't eaten properly all week..was a bit slack ordering pizzas one night and hot chips another night for dinner but seriously..we have had SO MUCH on!! So tonight it's Mums affectionate name the kids have dubbed a crumbed chicken dish I do and VEGETABLES!! OMG..I can't go without my veges for long!!
Tomorrow my 11yr old Jedd has a cricket Grand Final and I SOOOOOOO hope he wins!! He has come such a long way this year with this cricket many of you know he has Aspergers and I really, really questioned putting him in a team sport as he just isn't a team player!!.LOL...but like I said he has come such a long way this season. I also want something to be all about him for once..instead of the others.
(Have just looked out the window and he is standing on the bin pretending he is flying..LOL)
Oh..found out last night that my darling brother has put me down as next of kin on his hospital records!! What the??
So when the hospital rang me this morning to say he had been transferred to a general ward I told them to change their records to either my mother or my step-father. Stuff it!!
Anyway..I don't even want to go there at the moment..I'm just too tired.
So have a great Sunday tomorrow all!!
Sharryn :)
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