Friday, March 03, 2006

I am sooooooooo jealous!!

My youngest son has gone to the WWE wrestling tonight with friends at Sydney Superdome and I am just sooooo jealous!! LOL
Two of my favourite wrestlers made an appearance at our local shopping centre this afternoon so I just HAD to go for a look!! Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit...both of them are AWESOME wrestlers!! I wouldv'e loved to have taken our Eddy Guerrero DVD's to be signed...or one of the 4 Eddy dolls I got for Xmas..LOL Chris and Rey were both very close friends of Eddys' before he passed away last year..especially Rey.
Anyway..I'm sitting here waiting for Jack to come home and tell me all about it.
The boys didn't win their cricket game with their school team fact they got their butts kicked..LOL. The team got more runs from sundries than they did off the bat!! Not good! Oh least the school was allowed to participate in the event this year and as long as they all had fun so they say..LOL (Says me with a muscle pulled in my butt from scoring all day!!)
Had a play with Photoshop again today and finished another digi LO. Not real happy with it but played around with the mosaic effect on the background pic and looked better with a landscape photo so turned it into a canoeing LO. OK I guess..but not really my style...if I really have one..LOL
Will post it here anyway.
Have a great weekend all and take care
Sharryn :)
Oh..before I forget...credits are due for this digi LO as follows:

Ribbons and flower by: Marcee J. Duggar
Flower transparency by: Michelle Coleman.
Gel alpha by: Tonya RenzFont: Adorable
Program: Adobe Photoshop

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