Thursday, March 23, 2006

Haven't blogged all week...been flat out as usual. Actually, I have an abcess on the root of a tooth which has given some grief but not too bad. I got out of 2 meetings though because of it..LOL
Been really focused on getting this album fact that focused that I forgot all about having canteen duty on Wednesday!! LOL Totally forgot until this morning!!
Oh well,,need to be here anyway 'cos Rhiannon is doing prelimary HSC at the moment and I need to pick her up when her exams are finished each day.
Jedd cracked us up this afternoon so bad..he has this thing about expiry dates and he is always checking things in the supermarket for their expiry date. So today he asked me how the people that make milk know what expiry date to put on the carton. I did my best to explain it and I asked him did he understand what I was talking about.
'No I don't', he says.
So I take a breath and try and explain things a bit better but as it turns out I explained it almost identical to the way I did the first time. Again, I asked him, did he understand what I meant.
'Yes, thankyou', he says..'Why didn't you just say that in the first place instead of raving on sh*t!!'. LOLOLOL
Rhiannon and I just cracked up at the way he said it and I know I should've reprimanded him for saying the s word but it was just TOOOO funny..especially when he isn't meaning to be smart!!
That's about all that's happened this week so far..just the usual footy training for the boys and indoor cricket tomorrow night.
OMG...Jack has just cut himself shaving!! What the???????????????
Why do all little boys all have to have a go with the razor?? Not too bad..just a he won't do it again. LOL
That's it for later!!
Sharryn :)

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